Once Upon a Child | All Clearance Just $1

Now's the time to head to a Once Upon a Child store near you!  Go straight to the clearance racks because everything is just $1!

Add to this year's Summer wardrobe. Think Summer clothes for next year. Back to school time will be here before we know it. I bet you will even find some items with the original price tag still attached.

My middle son is growing like crazy!  There was a time when he worn  clothes out before outgrowing them.  Not now though.  I'm going to have to stop by Once Upon a Child for shorts and t-shirts for now and some back to school clothes too.

This clearance sale runs through July 9th.  The sooner you go the better though.  At this price, I'm sure it won't be long before things get snatched up!  If you want to take your chances the deal may get even better.  July 9th is the $15 Bag Sale.  Get all the clearance you can fit into a provided bag and pay just $15.

Just an FYI: Once Upon a Child will be closed on Monday, July 4th.


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