Chick-fil-A Houston Rd: Make Reservations for a Family Breakfast {February 18}

Reserve your spot now for the Family Breakfast Event a Chick-fil-A on Houston Rd.  It will take place this Saturday, 2/18/2012.  Reservations are still available for the 9am-10am time slot.

Stay in your PJ's (if you want), have your pic taken with the PJ cow.  Dine in purchases will come with a Family Breakfast Kit which will include a family puzzle you can decorate, games to play, a craft, discussion starters and family idea book you can take home!  Plus take a tour of the kitchen & drive through area.  See where all the Chick-fil-A yumminess is prepared!

by Savings Lifestyle: Becky on February 13, 2012

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