Christmas (Savings) in July

We are just 5 months away from Christmas! Did your heart skip a beat thinking about that? We're smack dab in the middle of the year and I've been sourcing gifts for folks already. Have you?

Since we're a few days in July, I wanted to start a Christmas in July series. This won't be fun gifts to purchase but ways you can save more on your Christmas and holiday shopping!

Watch for a post each day throughout the month that will share practical ideas to help you plan, focus and spend less this year (I'll be making the first 4 days up as well)! Tomorrow's post will focus specifically on how to plan and keep track of who is on your gifting list.

To make this EVEN better, I'm teaming up with The Happy Housewife! Toni is the go-to resource for finding so many great homemade Christmas gifts (even better than Pinterest, IMO). We will be sharing one another's posts so you can get more inspiration and find ways to save.

I'd love to hear your tips and suggestions along the way too! Be sure to save your best Christmas and Holiday Savings tips on the Everyday Savings Tips form and you'll be entered to win the $50 cash price each week too!

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