Catalina Machine Working?

The following Everyday Savings Tip comes from, Rick :

It doesn't happen often but when it does it is very upsetting, the Catalina machine is not working. When you plan shopping trips to the detail I do, the Cat printing device needs to be ready to rock! On several occasions I have done my entire transaction, expect a fist full of Cats to print and they don't. Either the machine is broken or out of paper. Sometimes you can get the Cat or money from customer service if they know about the Cat, most often they don't.

When I walk into the store I walk past the cashiers on the exit side and look at their respective Cat printing machine. If the small green LED (light) is not illuminated on that machine, I don't go to that cashier. If it happens to be the only cashier and the light is not on, I check out at customer service, explaining why I am doing so. This will result in you obtaining your earned Cats and let the store know they have an issue to address.

Should the store not be set up so I can easily check the Cat devices upon entering, I check the front of the printer when the cashier starts my check out. If the light is not on, I move on to a different checkout station.

One should also do the same check of the Cat devices when using the self checkouts.

Believe me, this will save many headaches when the expected Cat(s) does not print. I know you can also call the Catalina folks when shorted a Cat and sometimes receive one that way but who has time for that effort, I want to spend my time scoping out my next savings trip!

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  1. peterpan92 says:

    last time I complained to Catalina @ a cat I didn’t receive, I had to send in all sorts of proof and then they did mail me something – but it was not the OYNO $ I hadn’t gotten but rather a $1 off 2 Q! They did not respond to my follow up complaint!!!

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