Bobby Pin Organizer DIY

As a hairdresser, I have a MILLION hair accessories. The only true accessories that I use are a few bobby pins to keep my bangs back out of my face. They can crowd up the drawer one week and the next I can't find a single one. This is the perfect organizing trick for those crazy little metal guys!

Cabinet Bobby Pin Holder Supplies

:: Double Stick tape
:: Magnets
:: Bobby Pins

DIY Steps

{Step 1} Decide on desired length of magnet for the drawer/cabinet.

{Step 2 } Attach the magnet to the surface with double stick tape. It will come off fairly well if you decide to remove it.

{Step 2} Attach your bobby pins to the magnet and VOILA!

Project Cost

You can find the magnets at your local craft store.  I used the 40% off Michael's coupon which made them $2.50 for a large pack. However, I only needed about a quarter of the pack.  You can also pick up double sided tape at the craft store or any discount store for only a few bucks.

The total project will cost only a few bucks and you will be able find your bobby pins when you need them.  Also, you could use this same project to organize any small metal objects such as paper clips, small barrettes, etc.


by Savings Lifestyle: Emily on May 01, 2012

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