Bob Evans BEmail + Kid Times Birthday Club

The great Bob Evans goodies isn’t just for the kids! Parents, you can also get some birthday goodies! And why shouldn’t you??!! You deserve it!

Here are a few additional details on the Bob Evans Birthday Club:


There are two different sites to sign up, one for you and one for the kids. Adults can sign up to receive Bob Evans BEmail. Parents can sign up the kiddos for the Bob Evans Kid Times Birthday Club. Both are FREE to join!

Benefits + Rewards

After joining BEmail, you will receive a coupon for FREE Breakfast. You will continue to receive other coupons and promotional offers throughout the year!

Birthday Freebie

Parents will receive a FREE Birthday Dessert coupon via email from BEmail. The kiddos will receive a coupon for a FREE Kids Meal in US Mail.

Our boys birthday’s are spaced within a few months of one another. We don’t always make it to Bob Evans right at their birthday. They are signed up in other Birthday Rewards Programs so we space them out. I love that we can go into Bob Evans and use all three coupons at once.

Additional Details

Get the chicken pot pie. You will thank me for it, trust me. Now we just need to get a good coupon for it to save and have an excuse to visit! If you’re signed up, a coupon for something will come :)

You can follow Bob Evans on Facebook and Twitter for promotions and company information.

Read about more Birthday Freebies, Clubs and Rewards in “30 Days to Celebrate”!

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