Black Friday Ads, Sales and Store Hours

Over the past few weeks, there has been SO much behind the scenes stuff going on to prepare for Black Friday. It happens every year but this year was a bit more work.

The first thing is the Black Friday Best Price Comparison Database. I knew I would want it to return this year since it's a feature that literally NO other site has. Even the big Black Friday ad sites don't have it so I'm pretty proud of it.

Our price listing allows you to search in ONE place and receive a list of ALL the prices for that item, and what stores are offering the deal. It's very helpful even for the online shoppers (since so many deals are online).

The other nice thing about the search is that you can go as detailed as you want. For example, if you need a TV but are specifically looking for a 32-inch TV, just type in the keywords “tv 32” and all TV's currently in the database that are 32-inches will pop up. You can also search by store name. Just type in “Toys R Us” and those advertised items will display only. The most useful Black Friday price comparison tool available! :)

As we create new Black Friday ads, we will be updating the database and update you on those new ads, so check back frequently or subscribe to our free newsletter to receive a daily alerts!

View the Black Friday Price Comparison Database.

The second thing is our new Black Friday Ads, Sales and Store Hours landing page. My goal in creating this resource is that it's simple to find the store you want to shop so you can peruse the ads yourself.

This page also contains all the store hours in one spot so you can quickly scan and get your game plan together. This is one of my tips in the Holiday Shopping Guide and you will definitely find it useful for shopping on Black Friday.

Each Black Friday ad will be published on this section of the site in its entirety (to keep things clean and simple). When you click on the link for each store that says “Best Buy Black Friday” for example, it will take you to the current ad details for that store.

We will also be updating the lists as we get new Black Friday ads published! We will let you know when new lists have been added.

View the page, Black Friday Ads and Store Hours.

Don't forget to join the Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Holiday Shopping group on Facebook. We will be sharing deals that may not get posted due to time sensitivity! We're also on the lookout for many items that members are wanting.

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