BigCrumbs (now MainStreetShares): Get Paid to Shop Online

Wow – this one really does sound like a snack too, doesn't it! I've been a member of this site for a while, but just now got around to sharing it.

BigCrumbs is much like Ebates and Upromise where you get cash back on your online purchases when you use their links to your retail store. BigCrumbs has many of the same stores, but their % cash back varies for each store. I typically check each site and determine where I'll get the biggest rebate and go with that one.

The one store I LOVE to use them for is Ebay. You just have to follow their link before placing a winning bid or a “buy it now” purchase to receive the credit. Just comparing the three cash back sites I've mentioned, BigCrumbs offers the most cash back on Ebay – 20% of the seller's fees on your personal purchase PLUS 4% of the seller's fees for anyone that you've referred who purchases on Ebay too. Upromise offers only 1% and that's with some restrictions. So, YES, I will click through BigCrumbs to get my 20% cash back!!

And, when you establish your account, you have the option to be as BigCrumbs CrumbSaver or CrumbEarner. Here's a description directly from the BigCrumbs site:

A member who shops through and earns cash back on his or her own shopping, as well as referral commissions on the shopping of any friends referred to CrumbSavers earn the maximum amount possible as rebates on their own shopping (listed beside each retailer).

Earns a generous, but lower rebate on his/her own shopping. However, in addition to earning referral commissions on their direct referrals, they also earn when the CrumbEarner referrals of their referrals shop, and so on, up to 5 generations away. This dramatically multiplies the amount a CrumbEarner can earn. In fact, CrumbEarners can suddenly find themselves earning additional income from the shopping of thousands of members, many of whom they don't even know!

I am personally set up as a CrumbEarner because my friends shop on Ebay quite a bit and I know they will utilize this as a place to get cash back for other places too! And, one of the great things about BigCrumbs is that they do not require you to have a minimum dollar amount in your account before paying your rebate, which isn't the case for the other cash back sites I use. With BigCrumbs, you can request either a check or a deposit via Paypal.

One more way to get cash back when we shop online!

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  1. diane hatch on February 17, 2010 at 5:15 pm

    How do I register for big crumbs?

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