Best Household Things to Buy on Amazon (that are actually useful!)

Are you an Amazon household? Our family is! There are so many benefits to buying on Amazon! I buy as much as possible on Amazon because it saves so much time. But, I love Amazon for finding deals and products that are hard to find locally too.

The best way to take advantage of household deals on Amazon is to get an Amazon Prime membership. Free two-day shipping on items you use every day is a great way to save time and money. You can buy Amazon Prime here and get a free 30-day trial.

Best Things to Buy on Amazon

When it comes to the best things to buy on Amazon for the house, the list is pretty long! Whenever we are low on an item, I immediately add it to my shopping cart. With the big list of Amazon coupons available, you can now save on things, along with the time savings. No more running to the store for an everyday item that you run out of.

And, with the Amazon Alexa, it's even easier to remember to add items to your shopping cart! It's almost *too* easy! When you see that you're running low on trash bags, you literally say “Alexa, add more trash bags to my shopping cart.” In fact, I have to keep my kids from talking to Alexa to prevent unwanted purchases – HA!

Amazon Subscribe and Save Discount and Benefits

Find qualifying products on the Subscribe and Save page here.

Amazon Household

Cleaning supplies are a great household item to order off of Amazon. Subscribe and save to items you go through regularly and never worry about running out of the basics or having to remember to place an order.

If you have more than 5 Subscribe & Save subscriptions set up, you will save 15% more on your entire order! Your subscriptions can be cancelled at anytime. You can also use Amazon coupons on these Subscribe & Save options to save even more!

Amazon Coupons

Find the grocery coupons on Amazon here.

Amazon Prime Pantry

Family not large enough to make shopping in bulk worthwhile? Amazon Pantry is the perfect way to save for you. You can shop for groceries and household items in everyday package sizes.

Prime Pantry products also match up great with weekly coupons and sales! Yes, it's like a grocery store but your items are delivered to your doorstep! BONUS:  the Wickedly Prime items are all included in Prime delivery too!

Amazon Prime Household

Toiletries items like tissue paper and conditioner disappear faster than you can stock them. Ordering these items off of Amazon allows you to never worry about running out of them just when you need them most.

Amazon is a great place to find your favorite beauty items long after stores stop carrying them. This happened to me so many times! If you can no longer find your favorite shampoo check Amazon Household before giving up.

Best Rechargeable Batteries on Amazon

Best Buys on Amazon

Amazon is a great place to find good prices on batteries. Amazon’s brand is a great quality and they offer rechargeables for all of those energy sucking things around the house. We purchase these rechargeable batteries and love them so much that we purchased an additional set! They last for hours in lights and game controllers.

Amazon is perfect for finding those harder to track down battery types and have them shipped to you instead of having to go hunt them down. We use Amazon to restock our batteries with fresh ones at the beginning of the storm season so we never have to worry if we have fresh batteries in our emergency kit.

Amazon Mom 3 Months Free Trial

Start your free 3-month trial of Amazon Family here.

Amazon Family Benefits

Have a baby? Diapers, wipes, and other baby essentials are perfect to order off Amazon thanks to Amazon Family. Nothing sucks more than running out of diapers so order before you run out. Enjoy discounts with Amazon Family and never have to run for diapers with your baby.

Amazon Pet Supplies

Amazon is a great place to get deals on your pet supplies. I love that we can find a larger selection and better prices than our local pet store not to mention we can get a stock of things we need without the risk of someone wanting to bring a new pet home.

You can create an Amazon Pet Profile for your beloved pet(s) and start to get coupons, deals and personalized suggestions for your pets! This is such a great program considering some of the higher pet quality foods aren't easily accessible at our local department stores.

Amazon Grocery Deals

Shop the grocery section on Amazon to find some great sales!

Amazon Alexa Shopping List

Did you know there are special deals for Amazon Alexa users? There are! Find the Alexa Shopping List Deals and make sure you tell Alexa what else you may want to add to your shopping list before you checkout!

Amazon Prime Samplers

The drawback to shopping at a wholesale store or online and purchasing items in bulk is that you may order a large size of a product and not really love it. You can always give the items to friends, but wouldn't it be great to try it FREE even? Yes, I agree! So, just how to get free samples from Amazon?

Amazon Prime now offers Free Samples! Well, they aren't *technically* free but you get a store credit when you purchase one of several available items. It's basically an Amazon sample store!

Top Amazon Products

Buying everyday household items from Amazon can save you time and money making your busy life easier. We all need a hand once in awhile and having regularly used items show up at your door with the push of the Amazon Dash Button or on a regular interval takes away a lot of stress involved in managing your household.

What Amazon Prime Household Items Do You Purchase?

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Epic list of the BEST things to buy on Amazon including Amazon Prime Pantry and Amazon household products. If you are looking for what to buy on Amazon for your house, this post has you covered!

Save more money on Amazon with this EPIC list!

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