Ways to Keep a Dorm Room Organized

Ways to Organize a Dorm Room

You have to maximize every inch of space in a dorm room. Don't let the small space cramp your style! The key is making sure that everything has a place and everything stays in its place.

The minimalist lifestyle is quite trendy now. There are products that are catering to smaller living spaces and these can easily be incorporated into any dorm design. Here are several organizational tools to help keep a dorm room organized.

{1} Use space saver bags to help keep things organized. Dorm rooms are very small, therefore using every inch is critical. Space savers will help you maintain the clutter and allow you to have a stylish room. With a little bit of creativity, you can make this small space feel like home.

{2} Use an over the door hanging shoe bag with many plastic pouches. Fill the pouches with your loose items. Organize your cosmetics, toiletries, pens, packages of popcorn, snacks, cleaning supplies, in one place to keep them orderly and compact.

{3} Use bed lifts to raise your bed and store unused items, clothing, and shoes under your bed.

{4} Add organization to your walls. Shelves are a great way to keep books, dishes and other items so they are readily accessible.

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{5} Ask family and friends for old diaper boxes. Wrap them in fun paper to use as storage bins.

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{BONUS} Keep all of the paperwork in check by using a memo board. Stay on top of any assignments and appointments to ensure you don't miss anything. Piles of paper will get lost or thrown out, but a command center will help make organization an easier task.

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Moving off to college will be many students first time leaving home, therefore their dorm room will become their home away from home. By using these frugal tips for decorating and organizing, you can achieve a frugal dorm space that is full of design and style.

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