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Save Money for School Supplies with a Summer Yard Sale

Save on Back to School Supplies Sale

Back to school time is one of the most expensive times of the year. With the supplies, school fees and wardrobe, the expenses can add up. Multiply that by the number of kids you are sending to school, and it can be a LOT of money!

If you’re going to be a little short on cash when it comes times to get your kids ready to return to school, have you thought about having a summer yard sale to make extra money?  A yard sale has almost no cost to it, just a little bit of labor.

Preparing for a Yard Sale

{1} Go from room to room in your house listing all of the items you don’t need anymore. Get rid of those clothes that don’t fit or cannot be passed down. Look for household goods too. If you haven’t used it in a year, it may be beneficial to sell.

{2} Next, visit your kids’ rooms. Do they have clothes they’ve outgrown that are still in decent shape? Maybe they’ve got toys they don’t play with anymore.

{3} Children’s clothing and toys tend to sell really well, so you’ll definitely make a few bucks for school shopping on those items.

{4} Now let’s hit the garage. Have you been placing boxes of stuff out there that you don’t know what to do with? Perhaps you ought to go through the boxes and do a quick sort to get rid of the items you can live without. You might have a potential gold mine out there!

Yard Sale Advertising

{1} Pay a few dollars for stick-on pricing tags. You can get these at the dollar stores so they aren’t that expensive. If not, use a roll of masking tape to write down your prices and place on the objects to be sold.

{2} If you advertise your yard sale in the local newspaper, you’ll most likely pay a small fee. Advertising can pay off, though, as avid “yard-sale shoppers” devote their weekends to driving from yard sale to yard sale advertised in the newspaper. Put it on Craigslist, too.

{3} In a well-trafficked area, you only need to put out a couple of signs directing people to your residence. Plan on having your yard sale over two days – Friday and Saturday are most recommended.

Having a summer yard sale will not only clean out your rooms and garage, you will earn money to pay for those back to school supplies and necessities your kids need.  Who knows, your yard sale profits may be all the money you need to prepare your kids to return to school!

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