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Chalkboard Checklist

There are so many things to do before school starts. I don't know about you but if I don't make a list of what needs done, it won't happen. Here is a simple checklist of items to mark off your list so you can stay ahead of the game this summer!

✓ Purchase medications for school.

Well, you will need to schedule a doctor's appointment first for annual physicals. This is one that may be optional for many people but not for us.

Since two of our boys have peanut allergies, we need to get new epi-pen prescriptions and have a TON of paperwork that the doctor needs to complete for the school nurse. So, I always schedule these in advance so there isn't a rush to get prescriptions filled before school starts.

Along the same topic, don't forget to get your annual sports physicals taken care of at this time. While some schools offer the cheap physicals, we always kill two birds with one stone (and more paperwork) during this one appointment. It lasts all year so there's no need to do the school physical when our doctor can do it all in one co-pay.

✓ Purchase items in bulk to prepare school lunches.

Are you following along with our Reinventing the Lunch Box series? We are sharing some great lunch ideas that you can prepare in advance. Use our sale shopping resource page to make a grocery list and save your time and money!

✓ Purchase school supplies.

Look on your school's website and see if a supply list is published for your child's grade. Even though the lists aren't anywhere visible on the site today you may still be able to find last year's list. Do a google search with “school name grade supply list.” I found our list from last year by doing this and searched for “Monroe Hornets 1st grade supply list.”

If your school has never published a list, you can get a general idea of the different things each grade level will need with a quick google search too. Once you know what you need, be sure to check out the Weekly Back to School sales to know where the best prices are. Also refer to our Back to School Sales Price Comparison database for a reference for your school supply needs.

✓ Purchase clothes and shoes.

Or, inventory your wardrobe options like I do. You know from me talking about ways to save on back to school clothes that we typically purchase one new outfit for our boys, along with a new pair of shoes. Our boys just don't need a lot of new items for the new school year.

During July, I take an inventory of the clothes they have that can last them really until Christmas. I may purchase a few new items in between but generally I do all of the shopping with the Black Friday sales and ads.

✓ Purchase or make teacher gifts.

Are you going to get the teacher's a gift for the new school year? Think about what that might be now and keep an eye out for it during the school year. We have several teacher's gift ideas HERE to inspire you too!

What other items would you add to this Back to School Checklist?

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