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Ways to Prepare for Kindergarten

Children going into kindergarten can be filled with all sorts of emotions, and for parents, it can be just the same. You may be nervous, excited, and curious about what the year holds just as they are.

Like most parents, you might be wondering what you can do to prepare your child for kindergarten. The good news is, there are some simple steps you can take that can help both you and your child feel prepared for the exciting year to come.

Take a look below at 10 ways to prepare for kindergarten and get this year off on the right foot.

{1} Start a Positive Sleep Routine Now

Don’t wait to put your child into bed early the night before class begins. Start a few weeks in advance. Establish an early bedtime and bedtime routine now. You will also want to practice waking up early and the expectations you will have upon wake up. Start now so you will have a routine down by school day.

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{2} Get a Well-Child Checkup

Get your child into the doctor for a well child exam. This is a great time to get any necessary shots, eye exams, or any other required procedures. You can also use this time to ask your child’s doctor about any concerns you may have as well as get copies of important medical records.

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{3} Check off your Supply List

Bring your child in on checking off their school supply lists. This will help them and you feel organized and prepared. Check off items as you purchase them and label them with your child’s initials.

{4} Make Copies of Important Information

Create a file that includes copies of the school calendar, important numbers, registration forms, and other important paper work. This way should you need it; you have it all in one easy place.

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{5} Visit the School

Attend any back to school nights or tour opportunities the school offers. If it does not, see if you can call and request one! The school should be happy to oblige. This way, your child will get familiar with the school and its layout.

{6} Talk to Incoming First Graders

Arrange a play date for your child and an incoming first grader. This way, your child can get some perspective from a child fresh out of kindergarten. Encourage your child to ask questions that are concerning him. This is also a great time for you to pick the brain of the child’s parent for important info you should know.

{7} Read Some Back to School Books

There are some fun back to school books you can share with your child in the days leading up to the first day. Why not try Splat the Cat: Back to School, Splat! By Rob Scotton? Visit your local library for a hot selection of back to school books.

Summer Bridge Activities Book

We always use Summer Bridge workbooks to reinforce learning.

{8} Start Practicing Basic Concepts

Spend a little time each day reviewing basic concepts such as numbers and the alphabet. You can even begin practicing letter sounds, shape identification, rhyming words, etc. These are all concepts your child will encounter in kindergarten so helping them go in with some knowledge on these concepts will give them confidence.

{9} Put a Pencil in their Hand

Your child will be doing a great deal of writing and hands on work in kindergarten. Get them use to it now by putting a pencil and paper in their hand! Give them a notebook to jot in, trace letters and numbers, and practice writing their name. Spend a little time practicing each day.

{10} Talk about the School Rules

There will be rules about talking, keeping hands to one’s self, and other rules your child will need to know. Talk to your child about these rules and why they are important. Talk to them about the consequences that happen when these rules are not followed. This way, they know what to expect.

With these tips, the transition into kindergarten can be a smoother one for you and your child. You will feel more prepared for the year ahead and the adventure you will be diving into! Good luck!

What have you done to help prepare your child for school?
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