How to Use Amazon Prime Student to Save Money in College

Our oldest son is a college Freshman. I don't know how that snuck up on us like it did! Oh my gosh, are you ever *really* prepared emotionally for this time?? (my momma heart!!) On top of the emotions and letting your baby bird fly, those expenses sure do rack up fast!

Needless to say, college is expensive! Not just classes, books, room and board. But, the other “stuff” that no one really tells you about: case of Pringles here, body wash, toilet paper, batteries, light bulbs, etc, etc!!!

If you have college students, I imagine you are looking for ways to save money on any and all college expenses like we are. If you haven't yet considered Amazon Prime Student for your student or your wallet, keep reading!

Amazon Prime Student Cost

Any student can join Amazon Prime Student as long as they have an EDU email address, which your school will give you. Once you have your EDU email you can sign up for Amazon prime student. The student is eligible for the 6-month free trial of Amazon Prime so they can take advantage of all amazons great offerings.

Amazon Prime Student Trial

If after the Amazon Prime Student trial the student wants to continue the Prime benefits, they can renew at half price for up to 4 years or until you graduate whichever comes first.

Even better you get to enjoy the perk of earning $10 for every friend you refer. That $10 can buy them a 24-pack of toilet paper. They're gonna need it.

Amazon Prime for College Students

Free two-day shipping is the best perk of any Amazon Prime account. As a college student, you will find that many items cost more locally than on Amazon.

Two-day shipping means you don't have to worry about paying more for basics you need and everything is delivered right to your door. This is really handy when you need to get a good deal on those college textbooks.

Amazon Student Book Perks

Amazon is a great resource for your college textbooks. Amazon allows you to rent, buy, and trade your textbooks lowering your costs by a large chunk. We recently rented through Amazon and it was so simple!

You can also trade your old textbooks in for Amazon gift cards. Turn around and use that gift card to buy or rent your next set of textbooks no matter where you bought your textbook from.

You get to enjoy getting up to 80% of your textbooks value back at the end of your class. Every bit – big or small – helps!

Amazon Prime Free Audible Channels

You can save time and money listening to articles, news, and talks with Amazon Prime Student included unlimited Audible Channels. This is a great way to keep up with what is going on and enjoying top content to help you further your education while working out, riding public transportation, or waiting in line scrolling Facebook.

Get a Free Amazon Prime Student account with any student email!

Prime Student vs Prime

Have an entire library at your fingertips. Install the free kindle reading app on nearly any device and enjoy unlimited books, magazines, comics, and kindle singles. This great feature is not part of the regular Amazon Prime but an add-on with extra cost that you enjoy free with Amazon Prime Student.

Amazon Prime Instant Video

Saving money on entertainment is easy with Amazon Prime Student. You get unlimited streaming on all Prime videos.

Video streaming is a great way to cut costs allowing you to relax and enjoy a movie without paying a fortune for a cable subscription that you don't have time to get your money worth between classes, working, and trying to balance a social life.

Get a Free Amazon Prime Student account today! Learn the difference in benefits between Prime Student vs Prime, as well as over 10 Amazon Student Prime membership perks to save BIG!

Amazon Games

Do you like to play games online? How about streaming your favorite gaming channels? With Amazon Prime Student you now get Twitch prime scoring you awesome in-game loot every month to help you relax and unwind after a long day of classes or give you something to do while you procrastinate on that paper due this week.

Amazon Prime Photos

Don't lose any of your great memories from your college days or pay for photo storage. Amazon Prime Student also comes with unlimited photo storage allowing you to not lose those great shots of that awesome college party next time you drop your phone.

Amazon Prime Benefits

Amazon Prime Student members can take advantage of the same benefits that all Prime members can get PLUS a few more as we have mentioned! Save even more money by scoring lightening deals with early access available to prime members to the best Amazon deals each day. Checking these for deals on school supplies, cool gadgets, and even everyday essentials is a great way to save money.

What other Amazon Prime Student perks do you love?

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Ways College Students Can Save More Money

Amazon Prime Student is a great way to save money in college! Learn how to get Amazon Prime free for college students, the difference between Prime Student vs Prime, and over 10 Amazon Student Prime membership perks to save BIG!

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