Accept Gifts!

The following Everyday Savings Tip comes from, Maria:

I frequently get stuff given to me by my mother in law. My husband was initially saying no, so she started asking me. I say yes because I can find a use for it, and if not give it to someone else.

Family and friends asking you if you want something don't want to throw their good stuff in the trash. They want to give it to someone they know. Since I was saying yes to the sheets and towels (which we were just starting out and needed everything) we ended up getting a complete bedroom set that is really nice with a king size bed, dresser with vanity mirror, night stand and comforter set.

She also gave us a really nice bed for my daughter because she was growing out of her toddler bed. She also included a matching dresser, and a bathroom shelf with that. we got a fully furnished apartment in one day because of her generosity! She was getting a new bedroom set, and needed to give it away.

If my husband had kept saying no to everything, we would have still been sleeping on our hard as a rock futon and using our crappy plywood dressor we got at walmart that was falling apart.

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