5 Outdoor Fall Activities that are Inexpensive

Inexpensive Outdoor Fall Activities

When the fall season arrives, many people start to think about indoor activities. Man are they missing out! Some of the greatest outdoor activities in the world are enjoyed throughout the fall months in most parts of the world.

Fall is the social season of the year for some groups of friends. What makes fall so awesome is the generally favorable temperatures that can be expected and the incredible coloration of the leaves and flora. With such a gorgeous backdrop, how can anyone stay inside?

Here are five great outdoor activities commonly enjoyed during the Fall months:

Go Hiking

Hiking is often too hot during the summer and too cold during the winter months. That leaves fall and spring as the prime seasons to go hiking. Fall is especially awesome because you get the added benefits of nature’s beautiful coloring book. Nothing compares to watching the leaves fall from the trees as you walk along a nature trail.

Start Golfing

Some people turn up their noses at golf and think that it is too difficult. The truth is, golf is a tough game to master. Despite this, golf is a wonderful game to play no matter how bad you might be. The key is to go during the fall months when the weather is temperate and heat is not an issue.

A round of golf also presents you with yet another opportunity to view the beauty of Autumn. Give golf a shot during the fall and you will never look back.

Football Season

Enjoy a Football Game

It is absolutely not necessary to love the game to enjoy going to a live football contest. Most people assume they will be bored, but that is literally impossible at the college and pro level. Those games are so exciting that everyone is caught up in the fun. Add in the beauty of a fall afternoon, a nice warm hot dog and a great person to enjoy it with and you have the makings of a perfect Autumn day.

Visit a Farmer's Market

There are so many things to see at a Farmer’s Market that it becomes a must-do at least a few times every fall. They have everything there! You can find fruits, veggies, livestock, flowers, eggs, fresh milk and pretty much anything else you might find around a farm. These days you can actually find crafts as well. The farmer’s market is a staple of fall fun that every person has to experience.

Light up a Bonfire

Who among us hasn’t enjoyed a marshmallow roast around the fire? Nothing beats a bonfire during the fall. During the fall season, bonfires are the centerpieces to many outdoor parties and gatherings. Grab you some hotdogs, marshmallows and apple cider to enjoy around the fire and you have the makings for a Fall social event. Make sure you follow fire safety rules with this one!

These are five great activities that you can enjoy in the fall and there are countless others out there as well.

What ideas do you have to enjoy the fall season outdoors?

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