Our 2010 Operation Christmas Child Experience


This is it, folks. It's Operation Christmas Child National Collection Week!!

On Thursday, our MOPS group packed our boxes as well. We're going to track all the boxes to see where they go. It's been 5 years since I learned about Operation Christmas Child during MOPS. Now, OCC is a family tradition!

MOPS Packing

The boys and I also finished shopping for the “fun stuff” for our boxes. As i was strolling down the dress-up aisle, I decided “I'm gonna send a box to a little girl since I can't buy my boys little tutu's and high heels to play in.” So I did!

photo 1.JPG

On Saturday, we packed our family boxes.

Well, *some* family members repacked his box about 10 times (CALEB!!)


We decorated the insides of the lids with stickers.


And, *some* family members squeezed all the stuff in his box!

We wrote letters (use the coloring sheets from the Operation Christmas Child site!)

Boys writing OCC Letters

Well, *some* family members let his older brother write his letter (ANDON!!)


We took silly pictures.

Boys Reindeer Noses OCC

And, yes, even mom did it :)

We posed for pictures (sans mom's box) and took our boxes to church.

Boys OCC Boxes

And, we carried our boxes in to the church too like a good little boy where they were greeted to ALL OF THESE BOXES!! :)

photo 3.JPG

Last I heard, the total boxes from our church is over 600 – amazing stuff!

Church Boxes.

Did you pack a box? I'd love to hear about it!
Don't forget to submit your videos on ShoeTube too! It's so easy to do, just….

  • Visit Operation Christmas Child's ShoeTube
  • Click on “Submit Video” and upload your video!
  • Send the link to your friends so you get votes!
  • Remember, the deadline is November 22!!

If you submit your video LET ME KNOW!! I'd love to help promote it for you so you can win that trip of a lifetime!

You can read more about ShoeTube in my previous post. Also, check out our church's video here (and vote if you want ;). I love the song they used in the background!

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