2010 Blogging Goals


I am working on all *other* goals to share with you soon. For now, I want to talk about some of the blogging goals I have for the upcoming year.

Last year I did have blogging goals. They were pretty basic as I mentioned in my 2009 recap. I achieved most of them. I honestly didn't set very high goals for myself because I was (and still am) listening and watching for what you want to read. Honestly, I can have hundreds of goals for this blog, but if I don't have the content that you want, it's pretty pointless. Ya'll mean more than you know!

This past year, blogging has become a business for me. I never thought it was possible when I started. But, here we are and I'm creating SMART Goals for myself. I knew my HR days would come into help me eventually :)

Focus on Site Mission

Provide valuable content that focuses on helping people achieve the mission of the site: Save money on what you need so you can spend on what you want. I also plan to continue partnering with PR/companies to do giveaways and product spotlights that go along with the content/mission (and my personal life stuff over here).

Another part to this is continuing to make this site be about GOOD! I mentioned the attacks that I received last year. While I think they were completely ludicrous, my response to each person was that this site is about helping people. Those people are you, my readers. I am 110% genuine when I say that too!

I want to take the connections I have made and find opportunities to help more in my community whether it is through providing more coupon classes or continuing to bring awareness to other non-profits. Who knows, I can dream to impact beyond that too. I'd really like to inspire others to do the same.

Show Appreciation for Readers

Again, this site wouldn't be anything without you. So, I have put together a fun reader appreciation that I will reveal next week. Wow, I'm getting one goal marked off the list within the first week of the year! That's called efficient :)

I always prided myself on responding to emails, but I feel I slacked a bit later in the year. I plan to be more responsive to reader emails (and emails from other bloggers). On the flip of this, I also hope to get more reader participation in the comments. A lot of people read the comments and share deals that I don't always post. Sharing in the comments helps others save on those deals that I don't always get to post (ya know, since I'm probably chasing around a very loud toddler and all :)

Expand Readership

If you write a blog, you probably have a desire for people to read. With that, I hope to create strategic partnerships and relationships to expand the readership for Mommy Snacks.net.

I want to add that this goal is not about just gaining more traffic for myself. As I was brainstorming with my husband about this one, he said “You should incorporate something about the Buckeyes on your blog. I bet a lot of those people who watch the Buckeyes don't even know they could save as much money as you share.” While his help was appreciated (and in typical Buckeye-loving sentiment), this goal is focusing on trying to reach the people who simply need help or want to find ways to save money. Hey, maybe those Buckeyes fans (fill in the blank with other sports teams since I've used that analogy) could save enough to buy their tickets??!! I am trying to think out of the box on this one and reach an audience who may not even know that they need it yet :)

Blogging Community

Support and highlight members of the blogging community more. I don't know how this will look quite yet, but I have been fortunate to receive support from many bloggers in several niches. I want to find a way to support – in some way – other bloggers through a form of social media promotion.

Update Site Navigation

This is something I am also working on (see, e-fficient ;). I hope to make the navigation of the site more intuitive and user friendly. Some other minor site changes are in store too.

Post Clean-Up

With my transition last year, there are a lot of broken links in old posts. I am working hard to clean those up because they are just annoying me. I also want to do this so I stay in the good graces of the google bots. My goal is to have this cleaned up by June, but it's not a major priority as there are other potential projects that will likely take precedence. Is it possible to clone myself??

Those are a few of my goals that effect you. I know there aren't end dates to many of them for the “time” component. I really see them as an ongoing plan for myself.

I will be doing a personal quarterly check-in to evaluate each area. But, again, the content is all about what you want. With all of that as I start this new year off right, do you have suggestions for what you would like to see more of/less of in 2010 for Mommy Snacks.net? If you have feedback for me, please complete this short form (it just has a place for you to comment). I truly want to make this site a great resource for you!

I know you will hear this a lot, but I really appreciate you reading and telling your friends, neighbors, random strangers in the grocery stores, etc about Mommy Snacks.net. I have been blessed with some cool opportunities. When it's all said and done, this site would be NOTHING without you and your support! Here is to making 2010 even BETTER!!

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  1. Becky on January 3, 2010 at 10:20 am

    I used your Grocery Savings chart to log all my grocery spending in 2009 – and I met my goal of not spending more than $5K! I wouldn’t have been able to do it without that chart (sounds so silly, but true). Thank you so much! You have such great resources – especially for homemaker idiots like myself (I had to download your cleaning charts to keep me on track…because dusting isn’t something that comes naturally to a slacker like me!)

    Thanks for the great blog! I love it!

    • Andrea Deckard on January 3, 2010 at 12:39 pm

      Becky, thanks for that feedback!! I am such a list person because I do lack a bit of organization since I’ve been home with our kids. Nothing will create chaos more than 3 kids!

  2. mandi @ it's come to this on January 4, 2010 at 11:34 am

    SO looking forward to meeting you in 2010 … love & appreciate your blog so much! I don’t comment often (that’s one of my goals for 2010) but it’s just b/c you keep me busy … I read one of your posts & get to work!!!

  3. Heather @ MotivatedWAHM on January 4, 2010 at 1:09 pm

    Great blogging goals!

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