10 Father’s Day Gift Ideas PLUS Free Father’s Day Printable Cards

Free Fathers Day Printable Cards

Father's Day is fast approaching! We typically don't do gifts in our house for Father's Day or Mother's Day. If you are a gifting family and still haven't purchased or made your gift, here are a few gift ideas that are sure to make dad smile!

{1} Dad's Day Off! A day to watch sports, go fishing, pig out and do whatever the dad in your life considers fun. Consider this his special day to do whatever he wants! If the dad in your life is anything like my husband, it will be spending a day with his kids.

{2} Tools. There are several great sets on Amazon that you can get shipped to you by Sunday. Also, I've always found that Sears has a great selection for stuff like this.

Sports Grilling Spatula

{3} Grilling Supplies. My hubby is the grillmaster in our house. He really does love grilling supplies. They have those mall kiosks that sell the sports teams similar to these. We've actually given these as gifts to the men in our family and they love them!

{4} Watch. We purchased a nicer watch for hubby several years ago and he still uses it to this day. This is something that most guys don't splurge on so having you gift it to him will serve both a want and a need.

Best Dad Ever Shirts

{5} Clothes. You can't go wrong with a “Best.Dad.Ever” shirt or something along those bragadocious shirts. If he is more humble, than maybe just pick him up a polo or new pair of shorts for the summer.

{6} Gift Basket. Make your own gift basket with his faves. You can buy these pre-made but it's much cheaper to hit the store and pick out all of his favorite items. Who knows, you may be able to use a coupon too!

{7} Magazine Subscription. This would be perfect for that gift basket too.  It's perfect because it's the gift that keeps on giving year round. You could give him a current issue with a note saying he is allowed peace and quiet when the subscription arrives each month :) There are several great deals on Amazon now for $5 or less!

{8} Vacation Getaway. Whether it's golf, fishing, sports or camping, send him and a friend off for a vacation getaway. Plan this with a friend too so they can gift to their  hubby too and it's a coordinated vacation for the group. See what Groupon getaways are available for a steal.

{9} Sports Tickets. Because Father's Day is during the summer, baseball would the sporting event to get tickets for. But, you can buy him tickets for a game in the Fall!  Check out GoldStar or StubHub to find great deals on events!

{10} Father's Day Card. It's simple and you can let the kids share how much they love their dear old dad. We have several free printables you can download (shown in the image above). Just save to your computer, resize to your specifications and print:

What inexpensive Father's Day gift ideas do you have?
Please share in the comments!

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