World Vision’s Make A Difference Tour

Us with Third Day

Many of you saw my update from Facebook on Saturday about our night out on Friday. It was complete awesomeness!!

I just wanted to share a few pictures from the evening. Unfortunately, there are no more tour dates left this year :( While Max Lucado mentioned he wasn't completely sure if the Make a Difference Tour was coming back next year, I just gotta believe that it will!!

This concert wasn't really a typical concert. Sure there was music and break-dancing (from Toby Mac and Diverse City, of course) and even a cow on the stage with Third Day (their new cd “Move” is pretty awesome!). And, Michael W. Smith truly led the arena in worship (the song “Welcome Home” is amazing!). But, the really cool thing was that on Friday night there are now 243 more kids with sponsors through World Vision!

During parts of the concert, Max spoke about the mission of World Vision. I mean, I've seen it with my own eyes but there was a point in his words that hit me hard. He talked about death: a child dies every 6 seconds for lack of clean drinking water. They go to bed hungry. Could you imagine putting your kids to bed and not having any food? Could you imagine being a child and not even having your parents alive to put you to bed let alone going to sleep with a hungry belly?

I just started reading Max's book, “Outlive your Life” since we got it on Friday. I've been wanting to get the book ever since K Love's Morning Show did their series on it. I am looking forward to finishing the book for so many reasons. I'm going to suggest T read it as well.  By the way, ALL of Max's personal profit from the book is going to World Vision to help with building the ministry and helping starving kids.

There's something to leaving a legacy. Not a last name, or inheritance or any of that. I'm talking about leaving a legacy that is of love. Doing small acts of generosity really don't take much when you think about it. Picking up an extra item when you're out for that holiday food box. Grabbing the few extra clearance toys to fill a shoe box. Sacrificing a gourmet coffee here and there to change a child's life even.

The little things add up and our kids are watching. They are so impressionable now and every action and reaction stays in their head (because they will remind you when you tell them not to do something). I gotta believe our boys, as entitled as they seem some days, will remember that filling boxes, sacrificing that toys they just HAVE to have or giving some of their allowance to support a cause or a child, will make a huge impact on this world. I gotta believe that T will never forget the DR. I hope that. I have hope that God will do even more amazing things to show our family, in this little home in rural America, that the smallest of things we do will make a difference in the lives and hearts of others.

At any rate, there I go with my wordiness :) I wanted to share this with you. This concert was amazing. I pray it returns next year. Meeting and getting pictures with artists is pretty cool. But, being ministered to and feeling an call to move is simply amazing. It's God speaking to me and I feel it. I want more of that!

God put a call to me to minister to others through deals and coupons, and my testimony. My testimony of being broken because of a great loss, trial of sickness with a child and other stuff in our lives that have been a challenge on our walk. I've been blessed with what this blog has become and it is something I will NEVER take for granted. I have seen and smelled poverty and count it a privelege to work alongside the organizations that are doing God's work.

I pray I can continue to be the vessel for His use and drown out the noise that is so irritating to me at times (like a lot lately, it seems). Please pray that God uses this site in the purpose He intended from day one and that I will always have an open heart to react in love. That I will receive His Word as the ultimate direction and strategic plan for what is to come.

And, I'm done now. Thanks for listening to all that…even if you don't comment :)

And, finally, I will add that I am old. When Toby Mac came out with his bee popping and the speaker was pumping. I think my lungs moved their permanent positions to thump with the beat. Seriously, I think I'm getting old!

Make A Difference Tour 2010

World Vision gave me complimentary tickets to see the show after I mentioned I was going already. They didn't ask that I share any of this but I'm doing it because I am so passionate about supporting kids with nothing! You'll see more from me and what I, along with others, want to do as a result of the DR being part of my story. More to come on that!

by Savings Lifestyle: Andrea on November 02, 2010


  • Anita - November 02, 2010 @ 8:26 pm

    I am very impressed with the way that your faith shows in this post, and in your blog. Coupons and savings are great, but our faith is what is really important. Thank you for reminding us to look beyond ourselves.

  • Kristin - November 02, 2010 @ 9:00 pm

    Your blog is the first I found that helped me save money, and you do that well, but I don’t come here for that anymore. I haven’t gotten to do “deal shopping” or whatnot, since Summer when I started getting this bone infection and the subsequent amputations and hospital stays starting in September. Anyway, I find myself being drawn to this site on days when I need some motivation, or maybe a reminder that I AM ALIVE and that I have it better than I should. I was afraid of not waking up after my surgeries for many reasons (I don’t exactly WANT to die!) but falling back on my faith and not having enough of a relationship with God was my biggest concern.

    It’s a big burden to put on one person’s shoulders but I do hope you keep doing what you are doing because your honesty and truthfulness about your faith in God have turned some of my worst days of this fight into days that make me aware of the wonderous ways of God and the blessings in my life.

    Oh, and honey, you rock out with all those kids! Your kids are lucky to have a cool mom who takes them to these concerts and lets them experience all walks of life. My biggest complaint about growing up was how sheltered I was, because when I became an adult and faced the first thing Mama and Daddy couldn’t fix or make better I thought my world would end. Had they shown us from the start that some parents cannot even provide meals for their children, I’d have had a greater appreciation for the things they did fix. Well, that’s not worded really right but something like that.

    Geez, my comment is as long as your post. Sorry!

    • The Savings Lifestyle: Andrea - November 02, 2010 @ 11:15 pm

      Kristin, your comment truly blessed me tonight!! I pray for you often, girl. God has a plan for you and I’m thankful finding this blog was part of it! :)

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