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Women of Faith (Friends)

I have been so busy that I wasn't able to share about our time at Women of Faith this year. It was da bomb!!! Or, “Over the Top” as the event is tagged this year :)

My two buds, Sue and Lisa (above), went with me this year. Our friend, Andrea was supposed to come but her flight was cancelled – BOO!!! So, it was us three and we had a blast!! I want to share a few things, but fear I will leave something out. Every single second was awesome and I can't possibly give it justice with a post, but I will try!

As you may recall, last year was my first experience at Women of Faith. It was so amazing and Sue and I knew immediately that we wanted to go back. We went to buy our tickets during last year's event and the floor seats were sold out immediately!! So, when Women of Faith offered me tickets this year I was ecstatic!! This is going to be an annual event for us, and now we are planning on #3 (next year)!

This year, I was introduced to yet another new name to me, Andy Andrews. If you don't know him, look him up. This guy has so much energy it was hilarious! One thing that stuck with me about what Andy shared was about smiling. He kept smiling during his time speaking on the platform. I thought to myself, “That has got to be tiring.” But, he specifically talked about how smiling during speaking encourages others to smile back atcha…and it's true! And, here's a side story…

When we were on the World Vision DR trip, we met Norma who works with the mother's club. She was smiling the entire time she spoke. While I didn't understand her thoughts specifically at the time (I did through Claudia, our translator), I couldn't help but smile. Andy's words stuck with me thousands of miles away in a moms meeting in the Dominican Republic. I'm trying to smile more when I speak (which actually does take some thought!).

We also heard from Lisa Whelchel, Patsy Clairmont and Marilyn Meberg. I gotta tell you, those women are so encouraging!! There is something so cute about how Patsy and Marilyn live inside these teeny tiny bodies but they speak with so much wisdom and authority. God is truly breathing through all of them in this ministry.


Susan was supposed to be listening to me interview Mandisa. Well, then Patsy rolls by and she starts cheesing with her. I'll admit, I was a little jealous – we both adore Patsy!!:)

Oh yeah, can't forget Sandy Patti. Sister sang her heart out!! There was a part in the final song she sang where she was doing sign language. She then looks to the hearing impaired section and signs something special and they stood up. It was so cool to know that, while I didn't understand a word of that dialogue, I kinda got it. She was talking to them but we all stood up after that.

I was excited that the President of World Vision, Rich Stearns was on the Columbus tour. Rich shared his travels, and even how he came to become the President was inspiring. He wrote the book, The Hole in Our Gospel (I purchased but haven't read yet) talking about his experience. I have a feeling after reading that book I am going to be challenged even more to live my life according to God's will (not everyone else's will or thoughts on what it should be).

Do you know Anita Renfroe? You know, the lady who sang the “Mom” song? Or, the fave one I heard was “I can hear you breathe.” Oh my gosh, we were cracking up the ENTIRE time she was on stage. Her perodies are hilarious!! And, the newest song, “Wrinkled Ladies” which is to the rhythm of Beyonce's “Single Ladies” was a hoot.

There is always a drama section to the event. There are skits that go along with the topics of discussion. This year's were phenomenal. While I couldn't empathize with one specific skit, I couldn't help but be emotional. If you've been to the event this year, you know which one I'm talking about :) I could also totally relate to the Hook depiction. Nicole Johnson did a great job in writing and acting in the skits.

The Columbus event was the debut of Mary Beth Chapman's speaking!! She was so nervous but did such a good job in sharing her heart and brokenness over losing their baby girl, Maria. Steven Curtis Chapman sat on “the porch” and just watched his wife with tears rolling down his face. It was so touching. Of course, SCC got up to sang a few songs for us too, which were AMAZING. He's SCC…what do you expect, right??

Oh, yeah, I met Mary Graham too :) That was pretty cool, although I did not get a picture (maybe next year??).


Women of Faith was also great to coordinate time for me to interview the fabuloso Mandisa!! Please watch it below. We talk about weight, training routine, how I follow her on twitter (and how she doesn't follow me back LOL), and a few other topics. She shares a great message of encouragement for anyone who may be struggling with life right now. No matter what your situation, I'm sure you can relate (I know I did). Take a sec to listen (plus, you will get to see me do a Zumba move :).

If you ever have an opportunity to go to a Women of Faith event, I encourage you to try to make it!! We had such a great time last year, and this year did not disappoint. Even though things were hectic and busy for me (since we left for the DR that Monday!!), I and glad I went because the messages were preparing my heart for what I experienced while in the DR.

Women of Faith 2011 anyone? I “Imagine” it'll be just as awesome and cannot wait!!

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  • Nicole @TeamPipkin - May 22, 2010 @ 10:43 am

    FABULOUS! I went to my first Women of Faith event last December. I’ve never even heard of it before that. Sad huh? A friend of mine had a ticket and couldn’t go so she gave it to me. It was AMAZING! I wish I could go back this year. Can’t really find a friend who is able to go. We only have 1 car and hubby will need to use that to pick up the kids while I would be at the event. I’m praying something will work its self out and I would be able to go. God will provide. But as soon as my daughter is older (she’s only 4) I am SO taking her. I saw a lot of Mother & Daughter’s there.

  • Women of Faith - June 28, 2010 @ 11:32 am

    Andrea – thanks so much for writing this. Love how you described your experience!

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