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Top 5 Tips to Shop and Save at Walgreens

Walgreens Sale Coupon Matches

Walgreens has changed their loyalty program several times over the years and this explanation now reflects those changes (and will continue being updated).

Current Sales and Promotions

Walgreens Weekly Deals with Coupon Matches [1]
Current list of Walgreens Instant Value Coupons (IVC's) [2]

Sale/Ad Week

The Walgreens sale is effective Sunday and lasts thru Saturday. You can find the current ad information online at Walgreens.com.

The Walgreens deals are posted on Savings Lifestyle by Thursday for the upcoming Sunday sale start.

Balance Rewards Program

walgreens balance rewards program

The Balance Rewards Program was created in September, 2012. You will need a card to receive all advertised prices, use in-store coupons and receive the promotional offers (request one here [3] or in-store).

Once you earn 5,000 points, you may redeem them for a $5 reward (or discount on your purchase). The more points you accumulate, the more they’re worth. See the redemption values above.

Here are a few tips from Frugal Finders [4] for shopping with the Balance Rewards program:

Walgreens Register Rewards

Walgreens pays you to shop with offering you Register Rewards (RR's). There are RR Offers that are listed in the Weekly Ad. When you make a purchase for an item that is offering RR's, you will receive the RR from the Printing Machine at the register. Be sure NOT to leave the store until you receive your RR!

Here is an example of a coupon match with a RR:

$6.99 Vaseline Sheer Infusion Lotion (6.8 oz): $6.99 RR
$1.50 in the 8/2 SS Insert (exp 11/30)
Net Price $5.50 each | $1.50 Money-Maker after coupons/RR!

The $5.50 is what you will pay out of pocket. But, after you use your coupons and receive the Register Reward, it is like you are making $1.50 just by purchasing this item!

Register Rewards do NOT Roll

RR's cannot be used to pay for another SAME RR Offer. For example:

1. You earned a $2 RR for Chap Stick.

2. You cannot purchase more Chap Stick, pay will the $2 Chap Stick RR and get another $2 RR.

3. You CAN use the $2 RR you earned from the above Vaseline Lotion promotion to pay for the Chap Stick. In this scenario you would receive another $2 Chap Stick RR.

You could also use your RR to pay for more Chap Stick, but another RR will NOT print. Moral of the story, use your RR's to purchase other RR promotions that are different if you want to keep them rolling and maximize your savings.

Register Reward Printing Issues

Many people have had issues with their RR not printing and management tells them it is because coupons have been used. This is NOT a valid response since you CAN use coupons on your RR deals. If this happens to you, here are a few suggestions:

  1. Make sure the items you purchased matched exactly as the RR Offer states in the ad.
  2. Check to see if the Register Reward Catalina Printing Machine has ink/paper.
  3. Ask the manager to resolve it in a way that is mutually acceptable. If the manager continues to state using coupons is the problem, then request a form (available at the store) to complete and mail in to the Register Reward Catalina Printing Machine Company (which may not work since the manager thinks he/she is doing the right thing).
  4. Call the Register Reward Catalina company @ 1-888-8coupon, option 3 and explain the situation and request resolution.
  5. Complete the online form found here [5] to provide details of this transaction and await a response.

Walgreens Weekly Ad Coupons

The Weekly Ad offers store coupons to clip for discounts. These coupons can also be “stacked” or used in addition with any MFG coupons for additional savings.

Walgreens Instant Value Coupons (IVC)

Walgreens has come back with the Instant Value Coupons, referred to in the coupon matches as IVC. These are great because they can also be “stacked” or used in addition to any MFG coupons for additional savings. Typically the IVC's have a month expiration date and are published at the beginning of each month. The expiration date is the only true difference in the IVC versus the Weekly Ad Coupon.

Coupon Limits

A RR is considered a store coupon. You must have an item to purchase for the total number of RR's and MFG Coupons you are going to use. If you purchased two bags of chips and used one RR PLUS 2 MFG Coupons, the register will beep since you only had two items and three coupons.

Also, to avoid any beeps at the register (and make the store happy), I hand my coupons to the cashier in this order, Walgreens Coupon Submission Order: RR, Walgreens Coupons/IVC's, MFG Coupons.

Walgreens Coupon Policy

Walgreens Corporate came out with an official Coupon Policy as of August, 2010. You can find more information on the Walgreens Coupon Policy here [6].

Any questions on shopping at Walgreens? Please leave a comment and I will answer you there :)

Walgreens sales are generally the same in all regions. Please always double check your ad.