I have read over the past several months about several babies who have either been sick and passed on, are sick or facing serious medical issues, or just have gone to be with Jesus before anyone can really know the sweet spirit they would exude. Each site, or in many cases tweets, I read of whatever the issue was, is or will happen makes my heart just break for them.

It's crazy how we can be thousands of miles away yet the power of God and His great invention of the internet (sorry…but, Apple, Gates or whomever may have branded it, but God did it :-) can make us so close to someone. It's almost like the tears I shed for those are coming off of their very own cheeks, not mine. I honestly don't even know many of these people whom I read. But, it doesn't really matter – we're each mothers and for that we're connected.

So, I want to ask for your prayers.

Heather and her husband, Mike, just lossed their sweet precious daughter, Maddie. Their blog is so overwhelmed with a love overflowing for them that their hosting company can't handle it (it's literally shut down). Sweet Maddie was a Preemie and the Spohr's have been a huge supporter of the March of Dimes. You can find Maddie's March of Dimes page here.

In honor of lil' Maddie's life, a group of my Cincy girls (who are so flippin' amazing for doing this, especially YOU, AMY!!) are going to participate in the March of Dimes walk on April 25. Sadly, I cannot make this, but I will be praying and praising Jesus for them during my time at the Women of Faith conference. If you are local and want to join this walk for a great cause, you can find details on the Cincinnati walk here.

But, if you're not in Cincinnati, don't fret! You can participate too!!! Lotus has a great list of walkers all around the US who have organized in precious Maddie's name! Please check out Lotus' post, aka Sarcastic Mom, here on other organized walks to Honor Maddie.

And, if you can't make a walk, please just pray for their comfort, peace and healing as they grieve over the loss of their precious daughter.

by Savings Lifestyle: Andrea on April 08, 2009

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