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Last Saturday, Paul and I ventured up north. Can ya guess where we went (well, without reading the title of the post and all ;). YES, we went to the land of ginormous baskets! Just kidding, we did get to visit the Longaberger Homestead!

Several of the #bigdealmoms and other area bloggers were invited on a Bloggers Basket Tour. I do have several Longaberger baskets that we use though. I am a firm believer of using the baskets – and after taking the tour and talking to several employees – that's what they want us to do with them too!

Having said that, I will be the first to admit, that I'm not the biggest basket devotee. But, after this tour and hearing from several with the company, I am super impressed with the brand that Dave Longaberger created so many years ago!

First, we got to make our own basket! Yes, I thought it was super cool. Even someone like myself (with limited crafting abilities and skillz) can do it and make a pretty presentable basket! And, it was all with real wood and metal tacks, ya'll! I had tools and a basket horse.

The gals that went up (whom I know) were Jenny, Tricia, Cortney, Amy and Marcy. Honestly, Jenny should have been in the remedial basket making session. It took her a while…bless her basket making heart :)

Basket Makers with Skillz

Basket Makers

I was about to complete a job application before I left. But, then I realized it's 2 hours away and I'd probably only make about 4 in an 8-hour day and I'd be distracting everyone else from trying to talk all the you get my point, I didn't fill one out ;) But, you should feel safe in knowing that the basket makers are true professionals and many have been there for years. In fact, we didn't meet anyone who had been with the company less than 16 years. That says a LOT about a company!

This is my basket in process on the basket horse. She sure is a beaut! We just painted our living room the darker green color. The basket looks awesome sitting on our table to hold remotes, pacifiers and whatever else we throw in there!

And, Longaberger has deals too! They offer Tuesday Specials each month. In August, you can get a B1G1 Basket Making deal! We also briefly stopped at the Factory Store, which offers greatly discounted items. I thought they were really inexpensive considering how much I've paid for Longaberger products before. You can even shop the Factor Store online and get the discounts too!

We were super impressed to find out that anything you bought at the Homestead can be credited to your local Consultant. You simply need to know a phone number for them, and the system will credit them with your sale while shopping. They do try to keep everything for the consultants since that's how they have grown the business!

And, here is us with another huge basket! They made all of these too. Well, NOT the office building, that was made with concrete and stuff :). Actual employees did make both of the baskets below though. Isn't that amazing??!! After making my own basket, I have a greater appreciation for what they do! It is very time consuming process. One slip of the hammer and you've smashed the wood!

Paul and I stayed overnight without the kiddos. Longaberger has a Hotel nearby too, The Place Off The Square. There were baskets everywhere too! You can do package deals with a Hotel stay, Homestead tour, Basket Making all for a reasonable price. There are other things to do in the area too so it can be a full weekend! We had dinner with Amy and her hubs that evening! There are restaurants within walking distance – it was fun day and night!!

After the weekend was over, we had fun. I love my basket and love that I made it! It will be one of my faves now forever!!

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Photo Credits: Jenny, Tricia, Amy, The Longaberger Company Facebook Page, and my dead iPhone

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  • Gema McAlister - September 14, 2009 @ 8:38 pm

    This looks like tons of fun! I am excited to get involved in the whole “blogosphere”

  • lola - September 19, 2009 @ 4:04 am

    nice baskets, but the price are way too much and if i pay that much for a basket, i’m afraid to use it or break it.

    • mommysnacks - September 19, 2009 @ 1:07 pm

      Lola, they are very nice baskets, but I was surprised to see how many are more affordable than I previously remembered. I definitely use my baskets and since they do repairs there, I know if something does happen I’m not going to be out much to get it repaired!!

  • Nancy Chilton - October 01, 2009 @ 1:50 pm

    I just happen to be a Longaberger consultant and would be happy to sale you any basket(s) you are interested in buying. You can purchase 24/7 at or contact me by email.
    FYI – Longaberger has Terrific Tuesdays and Wacky Wednesdays which are days that they choose to sale a product(s) at low, low prices.
    Would love to hear from you all!

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