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A stockpiling reminder for all as we use our last roll of toilet paper…

Seedling in a toilet paper roll repurposed as a mini planting pot

Yes, I am down to the last roll of toilet paper in our home. I'm such a shame to the couponer's race, I know! But here's the thing…

I haven't seen a stockpile price I'm satisfied with recently.

Toilet paper is one of those things most American use regularly. In watching several travel shows recently (anyone else watch “An Idiot Abroad”?), I realize that not all of the world considers toilet paper a necessity which kinda grosses me out. In the Deckard household it is (and I'm guessing it is with your household too). So, what does my scant toilet paper supply tell you about Stockpiling 101 [1]:

Now, if you don't see the desired stockpile price and you have a need, buy what you need to tide you over. Use a coupon for it as I'm sure you'll find many valuable coupons [2] to use matched with a sale, but not the stockpile sale you're waiting for.

My stockpile price for toilet paper is $0.25 per roll. So that means the sales recently at $0.36 a roll isn't a price that appeals to my budget. But I will buy it at this price because, like I said, we need toilet paper.

Toilet paper is one of those things I don't want to get down to the last roll to purchase. Now I have to run out and grab more when I've already hit the store twice this week. Going every 2-3 weeks now means this trip is a waste of gas and I'm paying more for the toilet paper too. However, it is highly necessary as a family of 5. I mean what is the alternative? Wait, don't tell me that!

Was is one of your necessities that you can't run out of?
What is your stockpile price for that item?

Check out the Seedling Planter tutorial [3] from Girl in Studio which the image above was taken from!  We also have a good tutorial on how to make a vegetable planter with eggshells [4] and some tips on planting a garden [5].