Soul Snack: Then Sings My Soul Saturday

Click here to read more on this Snack…We were driving home last weekend from our family's house after our Thanksgiving celebration. Sometimes the drives in the car, uninterrupted (or as uninterrupted as it can get with 3 kids) are when I just sit and reflect and listen to God. It's weird maybe, but it works for me. Well, I heard this song and during this reflection, I took a trip to Bethlehem.

During this month, we'll tell our kids time and time again about Jesus' birth – the true reason we celebrate Christmas. Yes, there are gifts and giving but we know that isn't the real reason for the celebration. This story isn't a fable – it's real and it seems hard to “get” sometimes. Not because we don't believe but because it really does seem like a fairytale when we know what ultimately happens to this lil' babe whose birth we celebrate.

Do you ever wonder what the shepherds thought? I mean, it says they went to see the baby that the angels had shared was the Son of God. God, Himself, took the form of a man !!! Can you even wrap your head around that? Those shepherds saw that, surely they believed! Even though I wasn't walking the trek through those pastures to see the Savior of the world, I believe! Not because I was there, but because He is HERE!

To hear some other great songs to keep us believin', click here to visit Amy @ Signs, Miracles and Wonders.

Natalie Grant
I Believe

by Savings Lifestyle: Andrea on December 06, 2008


  • one frugal lady - December 06, 2008 @ 4:11 pm

    Love the new look! Seems so professional! lol! Great job!

  • Lacy - December 06, 2008 @ 7:45 pm

    My daughter is 19 months old…but I think I am still an emotional wreck! This song is wonderful, and gave me what I really needed today. Thank you so much for your posts. They really inspire me, and keep me thinking.

  • Mocha with Linda - December 06, 2008 @ 8:32 pm

    Beautiful, as always from Natalie Grant.

  • Jill - December 07, 2008 @ 2:41 am

    Beautiful song!

    Thanks for sharing – I can’t even imagine what it was like to come upon Him there in the manger. My eyes fill with tears every time I take myself to the place on the cross and knowing He had to die for us. WOW! Thank You Sweet Jesus!

    God bless you,

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