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Amy over at Signs, Miracles, and Wonders is celebrating her 100th post! I tell ya, I'm so thankful that God led me to Amy's blog! She is so full of encouragement and faith that it is great to see and read!

In honor of her 100th post, Amy has asked us to share a sign, miracle, or wonder in our own lives. And, that got me to thinking??!! What else could I share since I've talked about Andon's diagnosis and healing of hydronephrosis. I personally think that is a huge miracle, and there were many signs along the way of God's amazing work and blessing in our lives! I cannot praise our Great God enough everyday for His work in this one!

But, God does amazing miracles in our lives everyday. Sometimes he gives me signs that are like a brick in the face but so lovingly delivered like a small whisper in my heart. I really want to share something else so people know that our God does provide all three: signs, miracles and wonders, just like Amy's blog says :-) So, here goes (it's a little long)…

My father, John, was a loving man – not a warm and fuzzy kind (much like I am today), but a love that you knew was completely unconditional! I can remember as long as I was old that Dad always had some sort of health issues. He developed complications from serving in Vietnam and was considered a disabled vet while I was growing up. He was always there when I was home from school or wanted to get into trouble. I guess the fact that he was there was a sign from God that I somehow needed that extra guidance around, who knows. Looking back, I'm just thankful that I had a Dad who loved me like he did!

My father's health began to seriously deteriorate in November 2004. It was at Thanksgiving that I got the call from my mom that Dad had fallen and needed to be rushed to the VA. He had fallen the winter before and hit his head – ever since that time, he wasn't as stable on his feet and honestly he just wasn't the same Dad that we knew. Well, this time he had fallen pretty badly and they needed him to stay in the hospital.

Dad was transported to the VA that was an hour from their house, and ironically only 20 minutes from our new home. He had gone to this VA many, many times before and the fact that he could be so close to me, I believe, was another sign from God. My hubby and our kids were able to visit Dad every week and sometimes during the work week too!

So, Dad spent Thanksgiving in the hospital. Thanksgivings weren't a big family holiday for us so it wasn't a huge deal. But, then Christmas rolled around. I will say, our entire family had a hard time with this. We didn't have Dad – or as my kids called him Papaw – at Christmas. I didn't want to open presents without Dad there, it just wasn't like Christmas.

We made our visit to the hospital on Christmas day to visit Dad. His spirits were down and it was hard to visit and see because he was pretty depressed. He had to be in an isolated room because of some other health problems so he had no one really to keep his company if we weren't there visiting.

While we would visit, there was a gospel channel on that, I'm guessing, he had been watching. You see, my dad had been in church a total of three times I was aware of during my life – my baptism as a young girl, my wedding, and my oldest son's dedication. Our talks of faith and eternity were few and far between. I think this show he was watching was another sign from God – maybe it was softening his heart to the spirit.

A month later, I went to visit dad and he was in the ICU. I was terribly upset because my mom hadn't told me this – you see sometimes she would hide the condition he was in to protect us, but this time it wasn't like this. They had moved Dad to ICU right around the time I had visited him and my mom wasn't even notified. He had stayed in the ICU or ACU pretty much from that time on….

We were moving into our new house during the week that shook our world. I had taken a few days off from work so I could actually contribute to our move. Well, before I could even start to unpack a box, I got a call from my mom saying that Dad had taken a turn for the worst and I needed to get to the hospital…so that's where I went.

We stayed at the hospital for the days that followed where he clung to this world. I just remember people laughing and smiling around me and feeling like the world should just stop because this was not happening to us! One day, my husband had a very clear conversation with me about my dad's eternity – like that's what I wanted to talk about during everything we were dealing with – but looking back that was the MOST IMPORTANT thing that needed to be discussed at that time! My hubby gave me his small bible and told me to ask my dad that question. Wait, who was I to ask him? After all, we weren't even going to church anywhere at the time! But, regardless of our lack of attendance in church at the time, I knew who my Savior was and I knew my Dad needed to know – I needed to know that my Dad knew in order to have peace for myself!

Keep in mind that my Dad was in an out of consicousness – he was there, but he wasn't really there. I just held his hand and asked him “Dad, do you want Jesus in your heart and do you want forgiveness for all the sin you've done in your life.” But, since he couldn't respond to me, I just asked him to open his eyes really big for Yes so I would know – and of course God would know his heart immediately! And, I can see this as clear as the day he did it – Dad opened his eyes so big that I saw those sparkling blue eyes beaming up at me like he always did when me or my kids made him proud. My Dad gave his life to Christ that day! Those blue eyes were a sign for me that I'll see him again in Heaven!!

My dad passed away 3 days after that question. Honestly, those details are so personal and still a little raw even with him being gone 3 years now. I'm just thankful for the time I was able to spend with him – and the time my two sons had to spend with him. He was an amazing Dad and I'll forever be daddy's little girl!

Christ gave me signs along the way. I would have loved to have had a miracle to help my Dad get better, but that's not what God had in store. Sometimes God provides signs. Sometimes, God provides miracles. But, ultimately, God provides us with so much wonder at his amazing love and life that we can only imagine what it will be like.

“When we all get to Heaven what a day of rejoicing it will be…” There really is something in those old hymns, “When we all see Jesus, we'll sing and shout the victory..” I'll patiently await for that day, and I'll know that my Dad is up there rejoicing and I'll see him and our Great God someday too – that, my friends, is the biggest wonder and gift to look forward to!!

Please visit Amy at Signs, Miracles, and Wonders and read more of the signs, miracles, and wonders others have experienced all because of our amazing God!!

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by Savings Lifestyle: Andrea on May 15, 2008


  • Anonymous - May 15, 2008 @ 8:47 pm

    Andrea, thank you for sharing the story about your dad. It brings me closer to you each day reading your stories. It is truly a blessing what God can, will and has done. Thanks to Paul for giving you the push that you needed and the support of a Christian husband to asking your dad that most important question. Thanks again for sharing, Dawn

  • Amy Wyatt - May 15, 2008 @ 11:18 pm

    Thanks so much for sharing this story. I am typing through tear filled eyes. God is truly a great God and I’m so glad you can rest that you will see your earthly father one day with your heavenly Father.

  • Beloved MaMa - May 16, 2008 @ 1:50 am

    Wow, thanks for sharing this with us. You have inspired me today.

  • Marianne - May 17, 2008 @ 3:29 am

    Oh Andrea, what a story. You’re brave to share.

    We lost my FIL almost 10 years ago – my husband and I were only 25 and hadn’t yet started our family. To have just one more day with him, my husband would trade every earthly possesion we have.

    And I’d let him.

    We know we’ll see him again. At church, when I hear one of the songs from his funeral (On Eagles Wings or Bread of Life), it’s like he’s sitting in the pew with us.

    God is love and love is eternal.


  • mandi @ it's come to this - February 10, 2010 @ 11:50 am

    Oh Andrea! I just came to this post from your 5yr one posted today. I have chills from reading about you talking with your Dad! What an awesome thing – you got to lead your father to Christ … to eternity!! Anniversary’s like these are always hard. Thinking on three very special people that I’ve lost, it’s amazing how ‘normal’ the day seemed to start & how the simple things seemed ‘so’ incredibly important until that phone call came. Thinking of you today! Lots of love!

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