Happy Birthday BFF!!

I normally wouldn't post something like Happy Birthday wishes here, but I felt this was such an important occassion and tribute to my BFF that I'm making an exception for her (and she's worth it!).

My BFF, Sue, is, today…on this grand March 12 (not the 13th) turning the BIG 3-0!!! And, what better way to wish her a Happy Birthday than to share our story of friendship through the years since we've been friends for a quarter of a century. Or, at least I've been her friend that long, I haven't hit that number yet so I can't really say that :-)….

Sue and I grew up in the small town of Frankfort, Ohio. I mean, it's so small, I would run a stop sign and my dad would know about it before I got back…small! Anyhoo, she lived in the new edition (if it's even still called that since there are many new editions in the town now) and close to the local Baptist Church. We met at church one Sunday – although I can't remember the meeting (and I don't think she can either), her mom loves to recollect the story for us at family gatherings. Apparently I hit her or something and she went home and told her mom (you tattle tale) that day. Well, the next day, she came back home to tell her mom that she had a new best friend and it was me (maybe she was just afriad I would beat her up or something…).

We were inseparable throughout our youth – staying over at one another's house (I stayed mostly with her though because her mom always bought the good cereal – like Franken Berry and Cocoa Puffs) and life was good. Well, with adolescence comes different friendships and we both had a lull where we would be friends, but not BFF's.. I know, I know, I don't know how that happened but all I'll say is “J.M.” Most of our friends from Frankfort reading this know what that means (I'm not hatin', I'm just sayin' is all).

Maybe we became a little distant because I didn't go on that “joy” ride where she took her mom's car and a few of her own friends and went joy riding around town. I didn't go (because I knew my mom would lock me up or something and well, I was an angel…), but I did end up telling on them (I guess I got her back from telling her mom on me when we first met) BUT only because her mom came over to my house at midnight looking for her saying that someone stole her car and took Susan – what the heak was I supposed to do girls?

Well, she got grounded big time (sorry, it makes me laugh). Actually, I think we were in 8th grade because everyone who went got banned from the Spring Dance (now – all of you who participated would seriously injure your children if they did that..so). The sad thing was a cop pulled her over (with lots of kids in the car) and Susan showed the cop her mom's license and he let her go. I guess the cop has issues with Susan to this day. Oh well! I know a guy who could help out if that cop ever tries to come back and pursue legal action :-)

We then made it into high school and Susan and I reconnected our friendship as BFF's. We would do stuff together – we cheered for the Warriors together, go driving around Shawnee Square to try to be “picked” up, we went to the Flaget dances together, we stayed together at the Grand Ole' Ross County Fair. Our friendship was strong and looking back, I'm so thankful it was!

Well, when we graduated from Adena High School, Susan and I went to OU-Chillicothe Campus together. We contemplated moving in to our own apartment, but both had boyfriends at the time and were planning for upcoming weddings so we decided we'd just stay at home until we “took the plunge.”

Well, Susan's relationship ended (PRAISE GOD) but mine continued (PRAISE GOD) and she was my Maid of Honor in my wedding. Before my wedding though, we went on Spring Break with our friend, Andrea, to Panama City where Susan met her now husband Rich (PRAISE GOD). It was love at first sight for her and I'm so thankful that she met such a great man!

Well, I was thankful until she moved to Oklahama City to be with him (and away from me – she moved right after my wedding, what a wedding present!). Anyway, that turned out to be a good move for her because she got married (and I was her Matron of Honor with her sister, Gin, being her Maid of Honor) and had a beautiful son, moved to Georgia and finished college (and is the world's best nurse!) and moved back to Ohio (close to me) and gave birth to even more beautiful daughter (her little twin).

I wasn't there for her son's birth since I had just birthed my own baby, but I was there with her in spirit! When we made a move to the Cincinnati area, we ended up building a home right down the street from one another…that is UNTIL she decided she wanted another house and built a few streets away. That was probably harder on both of us than her being in another state. We're nuts, I know! I'm just thankful she's close to me!

Susan has been present for some of the most emotional times in my life: my marriage, some personal heartbreak, the birth of my sons, Caleb & Andon, my dad's passing, Andon's surgery, and many other times you just need a friend! I only hope I have done the same for her.

I'm so thankful that she's my best friend (or as we say BFF), my sister, and my cousin (yeah – we're actually related..true story). God brings people into your life and if you're lucky enough those people can help make a difference and bring you joy. Susan's friendship has brought me so much happiness that I thank God everyday for the beautiful person she is – inside and out…even at the GRAND OLE' age of 30!! I love ya BFF – here's to our friendship lasting for a quarter century more! Oprah and Gayle got nothin' on us girl!

Many of you reading this know Susan personally, so please take time to wish Susan a Happy Birthday for her BIG OLE' 30th! And, if you don't know Sue and you are 30 yourself, give her some words of encouragement for entering this next phase in her life! She's definitely got a head start on a future filled with happiness and love…and, a friendship that will last and outlast anything life has to throw at us!

by Savings Lifestyle: Andrea on March 12, 2008


  • Anonymous - March 12, 2008 @ 12:34 pm

    I’m seriously crying and you know I’m not an emotional person. I love you and can’t wait to grow old with you sitting in our rockers. Your the best!

  • Kelley Winegardner - March 12, 2008 @ 1:04 pm

    What a beautiful tribute to Susan and your friendship! :) I can promise you girls that 30 is nothing to be afraid of. So far, my 30s have been the best years of my life! Happy birthday, Susan!

  • Anonymous - March 13, 2008 @ 7:14 pm

    Andrea this really is such a great tribute! You know I was tearing up.LOL!Love ya!!

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