Soul Snack: A Picture is Worth 1000 Words

5 Minutes for Mom is hosting a Mother's Day Photo Contest with a $1000 American Express gift card courtesy of Egg Beaters. The ladies want us to share a photo that tells the story of what motherhood means to us personally.

We are blessed with three beautiful children! But, when I think about motherhood, the most recent event that really tested my role as a mommy was captured on photo. It really hit home to share what motherhood means to me:

This was the first moment I was able to hold Andon after his surgery. I had been away from him for 5 hours at that point during the surgery and recovery. That is the longest I had been away from him until that day.

If you could see my face in the picture, you would know exactly what I was feeling – joy, sadness, peace, vulnerability, comfort, rest, mercy, thanks, warmth, strength, love – the list goes on and on. But, most of all, I was just blessed to have my baby in my arms where he belonged!

To me, motherhood is exhibiting every emotion in God's emotional rainbow and still managing to wake up and make breakfast the next day – all thanks to God's mercy, strength and unconditional love!

by Savings Lifestyle: Andrea on May 02, 2008


  • carrie & troy keiser - May 03, 2008 @ 12:56 am

    What a cutie! I can’t believe the entries in this contest…. sure wouldn’t want to be the one who shrinks the list to 15!

  • that girl - May 03, 2008 @ 1:53 am

    what a beautiful child!

    good luck in the contest…

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