Schooooools Out 4 Summer!

Are you singing that now too?

Well, school was out for my boys last week. Luckily I have the best mother-in-law in the universe and she offered to take the boys for a few days. NICE!

So, the boys were with Granny and Pappy for several days and they just got home yesterday. And, summer break officially starts…hold me, I'm skeered!!!!

I can honestly say, I missed them (of course, I did..a little). And, was so overwhelmed and surprised with the welcoming hugs I got from them as they came back to me! T is not an emotional boy. He's 9 after all, and hugging on mom is just not cool anymore! But, he ran in the door and gave me a big hug! I felt loved :) Caleb who we call our drama King (I swear, he is the *girl* I'll never have), came in and hugged me…and then asks for the baseball glove his daddy bought him! Wuh…I see where his loyalty is!

They both of course wanted to see Andon and woke him up. Waking up Andon is against all rules because he lets out his dinosaur sounds and it's just not good. But, since they missed him so much, I didn't bring down the hammer. T said he missed Andon the most (more than me and daddy, even…geesh). He said he almost forgot what Andon looked like (um, you were only gone 5 days son). I joked and said, “Well, all you had to do was go look at your baby pictures because he looked just like ya.” They do look identical, even his friends at school last week said “T, your baby brother looks just like you.” T likes hearing that, we think :)

So, now that these chilluns are home, I am just overjoyed with having my FREE help working again! They do protest a lot so I got to put the kabash on that pretty quick! Last night, T stayed with his cousin, Schyler. And, this morning started out slow since Andon was practicing for his role in Land Before Time and ended up in our bed. Caleb ended up on our couch, and I ended up…you guessed it…with very little sleep! Oi…summer is here!!!

School is out…and starts again in exactly 76 days…but who's counting :)

And, since I will more than likely master this song on Rock Band while playing with my children this summer, enjoy a preview of my domination (or not…). Just ignore the skeleton mohawk guy. We won't be doing that look as part of our practice :)

by Savings Lifestyle: Andrea on June 11, 2009

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