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Walgreens Sale

Here are a few highlights this week. Be sure to scan your ad for complete sale/ad information in case there is something else you may need!

The Walgreens Instant Value Coupons (IVC’s) are listed in the Coupon Database. From the Coupon Source dropdown, select “Walgreens Instant Value Coupons” and click search. You can then sort based on description name or value by clicking on the title header.

If you are new to Walgreens Shopping, please read my Top 5 Tips to Play Walgreens! Most of this information may seem a little confusing until you know how the play the Walgreens game!!

To create a customized shopping list, select the box next to each item you want to purchase.

Walgreens Balance Rewards
Buy 2 participating Bars or Shakes products, get 3000 points (= $3.00)
Buy 2 participating Excedrin products, get 5000 points (= $5.00)
Buy 2 participating Jergens products, get 2000 points (= $2.00)
Buy 2 participating Pantene products, get 2000 points (= $2.00)
Buy 2 participating Sensodyne products, get 2000 points (= $2.00)
Buy 2 participating Vicks products, get 2000 points (= $2.00)
Buy 2 participating feminine care products, get 2000 points (= $2.00)
Buy 3 participating Boost products, get 2000 points (= $2.00)
Buy any participating Cold & Cough Relief product, get 1000 points (= $1.00)
Buy any participating Nature Made Gummies, get 1000 points
Spend $20 on participating K-Y products, get 10,000 points
Spend $20 on participating shave products, get 5000 points (= $5.00)
Spend $25 on participating Clearable products, get 10,000 points (= $10.00)
Walgreens Register Rewards
Buy any participating Gillette product, get $3 RR
Buy any participating Glade product, get $1.50 RR
Buy any participating Glade product, get $2.00 RR
Buy any participating Similac or PediaSure product, get $2 RR
Spend $15 on participating Dove products, get $5 RR
Baby Food & Care
Well Beginnings Mix & Match
12 Pack Mix & Match
Coca-Cola Mix & Match
Juice Drinks Mix & Match
Ocean Spray Mix & Match
V8 Mix & Match
Breakfast & Cereal
Canned Goods & Soups
Condiments, Spice & Baking
Spread Mix & Match
Cookies, Snacks & Candy
Chips Mix & Match
Gum & Mint Mix & Match
Mint Mix & Match
Pouch Mix & Match
Snacks & Cookies Mix & Match
Snacks Mix & Match
Truffles & Turtles Mix & Match
Juice Mix & Match
Diet Food & Drinks
Atkins Mix & Match
Bar Mix & Match
Frozen Foods
Dinner Favorites Mix & Match
Frozen Meal Mix & Match
Ice Cream Mix & Match
Home Supplies
Household Cleaner Mix & Match
Household Products Mix & Match
Household Supplies Mix & Match
Packaged Meats
Personal Care
Clairol Mix & Match
Clinical Antiperspirant Mix & Match
Feminine Care Mix & Match
Scalp Care Mix & Match
Skin & Baby Mix & Match
TRESemme Mix & Match
TRESemme Premium Mix & Match
Pet Care
Centrum & Caltrate Mix & Match
Eye Care Mix & Match
Gummy Supplements Mix & Match
Health Supplement Mix & Match
Joint Health Mix & Match
New Nordic Mix & Match
Schiff Mega Red
Smoking Cessation Mix & Match
Supplement Mix & Match
Vitamin & Supplement Mix & Match
Walgreens Allergy Relief Mix & Match
Walgreens Pain Relief Mix & Match
Walgreens Supplement Mix & Match

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