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bareMinerals Pure Transformation Night Treatment

by Savings Lifestyle: Andrea on April 02, 2011

I am a beauty junkie. Seriously, you name it and I have probably tried it or researched it to prepare to try it out. I was excited when Bare Escentuals reached out to me to try a product from the new bareMinerals Skincare line. I have used Bare Escentuals before. As a matter of fact, Bare Escentuals was the first ever mineral produce line that I tried (and loved). I use the brushes on a daily basis because the truly are some of the best!

Here is my uncensored review on the new Bare Escentuals bareMinerals Pure Transformation Night Treatment.


$60 for a .15 oz container. You can find full product details here.


It's really simple to use. Do a quick shake of the container then unscrew the top. Tap off the excess minerals from the brush then apply all over your face. It takes about 2-3 shake and taps for me to apply the minerals to my entire face.


The bareMinerals Pure Transformation Night Treatment has an awesome application brush I love and wish Bare Escentuals would offer something similar for all of their minerals! The application brush is built inside so there is no swirling and separate brush required. It saves some time in my night time routine.

I know, I know, swirling with a separate brush doesn't take a lot of work but it's still a separate step. I don't use Bare Escentuals foundation minerals anymore because I don't like the added step of swirling and tapping with the brush. I prefer to have a sponge applicator built in or {gasp} just use my fingers if I'm applying a liquid foundation. I really hope they consider adding this built-in brush to all of the mineral foundations in the future too. I actually prefer this method to the sponge-mineral applications I currently use.

The Pure Transformation Night Treatment states it will “visibly reduce pores, increase firmness and improve elasticity, while revealing remarkably healthier, younger-looking skin.” It does this thanks to the RareMinerals Active Soil Complex which helps with the appearance of smoothness, evening out skin tone and improving skin texture. You should know, I am a SUCKER for product “claims.” Which means I am especially critical to see if products live up to at least one, or any, of their promises. This really did NOT disappoint!

I usually like at least a month for trying/comparing results for cosmetic products – it's just a personal thing, nothing scientific or any of that in my mind. I only had a 2-week period to try this to provide a review. During this time, I used the Pure Transformation Night Treatment every single night. I first applied my moisturizer (Olay Pro-X) then the Pure Transformation Night Treatment right before bed.

Immediately after the minerals were applied, my skin got all dewey looking and really did glow (in a good way). I was leary if the minerals would get on my pillow and make a huge mess. This did not happen. I am using the Clear tone so it's a light nude color. There are other colors the product can be purchase as well: light, medium and tan.

I have all of the issues the product claims to help remedy. I am most concerned about my pores and finding products that will help reduce pore size. In the 2-weeks I used this, I didn't notice a drastic reduction in pore size. However, I did notice that when I applied foundation and other cosmetics, my pore size looked less noticeable. So, without makeup, there was a small difference but with makeup, I noticed a difference.

I also noticed the smoothness in my skin texture. My cosmetics truly did look smoother when applied. I also want to point out that I only mentioned my moisturizer because sometimes products are formulated to work with the same brand formulations (i.e., works best when you use the Bare Escentuals moisturizer, foundations, etc). This shows me that the Pure Transformation Night Treatment will work with other brands of cosmetics. I bet it works even better with Bare Escentuals minerals. But like I said, until they get the brush in the minerals foundation I'm not switching back :)

I also want to note that I don't really notice too many issues my skin tone or elasticity. At my age (we'll just say 30's, how is that?), I am all about finding products to help prevent the signs of aging. So, if this product works for my biggest skincare issue (at the moment) of reducing the appearance of pore size, then I will wait and see what it can do for the areas that I don't need it for (yet).


At $60 for a container, this obviously isn't cheap. I do think with required application every night, the one container will likely last up to 3 months for me (you really don't use a lot of it, that's why I love minerals of any kind). But, you can save even more if you purchase online at Sephora and shop through Ebates to earn 4% cash back on your purchase. You could also follow Bare Escentuals on Facebook to see when coupon codes become available to purchase direct through the site (with no cash back).

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I received this product for free to facilitate this review. However, I would purchase this on my own in the future but only if I got it on sale or earned cash back. But that's my rule with just about everything I purchase too :). Always wait for that sale opportunity!

I will continue to watch for other signs that the additional benefits are or are not working. If I see any improvements, I will update the review with a post modification or comment to share new results.

What do you view as the most appealing claim or benefit the
Pure Transformation Night Treatment offers for your skincare needs?

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored review which means the company provided a product and/or compensation for me to share my honest thoughts on the product. This review was not edited by the company or sponsor in anyway. The thoughts are exactly as experienced by me. See my Disclaimer Policy for additional information.


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Over-the-Shower Door Caddy

by Savings Lifestyle: Andrea on April 05, 2008


OK – I like to live a simple life and my bathroom is chaotic!! We have a decent size bathroom that has a separate soaking tub and a stand-up shower. Well, with my recent acquisition of my Scrubbing Bubbles Shower Cleaner, our regular over-the-shower head bath caddy was banished to the floor!

So, I found a better solution! Since we have a stand-up shower there is limited space and creativity with holding all of your bathroom stuff. I found this shower caddy that hangs over the shower door. It is great and even I could put it together!! And, the hooks that hang over the outside of the shower door can be used as a towel holder (since I noticed my hubby putting his towel there). I purchased it at Amazon (using my gift certificate balance, you know, since I'm on my cash-only diet no credit purchases for me this month) and it was only $28 PLUS free shipping (and the shipping was lightning speed since we're in OH and their warehouse is located in KY).

So, I thought I would give you my personal review. I'm always looking for ways to make my domestic life easier :-) And, here it is in case you're interested in one for yourself!


Cordless Swivel Sweeper Review

by Savings Lifestyle: Andrea on February 27, 2008

Never in a million years would you think a girl would get so happy when her hubby gets her a Christmas present that is for cleaning. But, I tell ya – I have to tell you about this sweeper I got after Christmas (OK – it wasn't actually a Christmas present, but he got it for me after Christmas since he got me a nice spa day with my girls instead).

If you haven't heard of this, you will want to take a look at it. The Cordless Swivel Sweeper is the world's best invention I think. I saw this for the first time at my SIL's house over Thanksgiving. She whipped out the sweeper and started going at cleaning her hardwood floors, then proceeded to sweep her carpets. I was in awe! My son was even like, “Aunt Stacy, can I do that?” What? I needed one. Well, I knew they had them at CVS and I was going to save up enough ECB's to get myself one but that never happened so my hubby got me one.

The sweeper runs on a small battery. The battery keeps it's charge for me for at least 3-4 days. I only use the sweeper on my vinyl flooring so I think if you use it on your carpet it loses the charge faster. The sweeper has a has a 360 swivel head (hence the name, cordless swivel sweeper) and it really does get good into the cracks and corners of your rooms and under tables. And, when the “gunk” container gets full, it's so easy to take out and empty! I will say that if you're wanting a cordless sweeper to get the deep dirty in carpets, this won't do it. But, it's great for me sweeping my kitchen (the 30 million times a day I do).

I know they sell these at Linens N Things, Kohls, and Amazon (and, CVS!). And, don't forget you can use a LNT 20% off coupon to get it even cheaper (at LNT, of course)! And, if you want it even cheaper (I know, is that impossible), you could order a gift card from Carrie at MoneySavingMethods for 15% off the total value. I ordered a few from her and used 'em already (I even shared one with my friend)! Check out her blog on details of what she has in stock and how to order! It was super easy and she is very reliable!

If you do get one, please let me know what you think! I really do love mine!!