Review Snack: The Baby Fat Diet

Let me start out by saying, I don't do many reviews unless I feel like it's something I can learn from or that you would value too. So, when I was recently asked to review The Baby Fat Diet, written by Monica Bearden and Shara Aaron, I agreed.

Click here to read more on this Snack…The book shares tips, and accompanying research, on losing weight after having children. And, well, since I've had 3 of them, I thought I could possibly learn something about weight loss after birthin' the little monsters :-) It was a very easy read for me, actually kind of like I was having a conversation with the authors. The content was broken down easily and highlighted each new point within the chapter so it caught my eye while I was reading along. For me, this is extremely important especially with an informative read.

Each chapter has “Fabulous Facts” included in the context with tips related to that chapter. You also have a small journal space at the end of each chapter to take what you read and make an action plan. I think I liked this the most. It's not all about “information,” it's about what we do with it. So, this journal gives you an opportunity to create an action plan to make a change. In Chapter 20, they share “Steps to Better Eating” so you can make a personal action plan. As a mom, you know it may be days/months/years before you ever get to doing that unless it's in context for you to do immediately!

So much of the writing was informative, and some parts were an affirmation of my current strategies. Here are a few highlights:

How Much to Eat
Eating for one again is key to weight loss. But, they specifically spoke to portion control. This is something that I'm doing so score one for me and my efforts!

What to Eat – When to Eat
Their approach to being a “picky eater” fits right in. Pick the right foods, eat them in moderation and snack on them with mini-meals. And, scheduling your meal-time is actually a good time. The authors also share their philosophy on supplements, which is what I've always heard – try to get it from foods. But, they share thoughts on when they may be necessary which I never heard before.

Organic foods – Yes or No
I don't eat organic because I simply never had the information as to the “why” it was valuable. But, they took a chapter to discuss this so I thought this was extremely valuable. And, they shares research about pesticides so I felt like they were giving me the information to make my own educated decision – not just “only eat organic” approach I hear a lot.

What to Buy
The idea to “spring clean your cupboard” is something I follow too. Basically cleaning out your pantry for the non-healthy alternatives. Of course, they recommend keeping a few treats for yourself. But, they suggest the majority of what is available and quickly accessible to be a healthy option. They discuss dinner prep ideas too and ways to multi-task to get it all done – in a healthier way.

Exercising – YES
Of course, what would a weight loss book be without the component of exercise. The discussion in this chapter is really nothing new – simply get out and exercise. There are a few suggested ideas to be creative with your children in tow, but the idea is to exercise along with eating the right foods.

Overall, The Baby Fat Diet was a good read, but I also enjoy reading about weight loss and better health. I learned a few things I can take away and doing something with. And, having a journal in the book will help me as I go back in a few weeks to see what it was I really wanted to get “out” of the book.


by Savings Lifestyle: Andrea on January 23, 2009


  • Anonymous - January 23, 2009 @ 5:37 pm

    I wonder what they said about nursing mothers and nutritional needs? It was very difficult for me to find dietary recommendations when I had just had our baby, and the food that they gave me at the hospital just after her birth was not at all helpful either. Hello, coffee?? I quickly learned that some babies are more reactive to things like caffeine, hot foods, gassy foods than others. Many people think that just because the baby is no longer inside the uterus that the foods that they eat will not affect him/her. It is important to make sure you get plenty of nutrients such as calcium, iron, and omega 3s in your body so that your baby has it in your breastmilk.

    I also found that nursing was the easiest way ever for me to lose weight. I know that not everyone finds this to be the case, but for us it was like hooking myself up to a treadmill each day. Of course, we did plenty of exercise and ate healthy which helped quite a bit.

    I look forward to checking the book out of the library. Thanks for the review!

  • Andrea @ Mommy - January 23, 2009 @ 6:18 pm

    Gabrielle, they do talk about that topic in the book – and what good/smart foods to eat while nursing. I’ve heard and seen the benefits with nursing. It never worked out for me, but I know it does help burn some extra calories!

    There are so many chapters in the book, that it is definitely worth the read!

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