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I don't do many product spotlights. They take a lot of time. And, if you read any in the blogging world, it seems there is much controversy over product reviews written on personal blogs. So, out of the gate, I'm not going to call these reviews but more like Product Spotlights. The lights are on the products that me or my family uses and enjoys.

I am lucky to receive products to review, not near as much as people may think. But, I'm also a consumer and purchase so much stuff, just like you! So, I thought it would be cool to do a weekly feature to do a highlight of these products. I'm limiting it to just one a week (or less if there is no time) since I don't want anymore than that in this space.

As I'm just thinking of the products I love right now, some of them aren't frugal. But, my philosophy has always been I save where I can so I can spend my money on what we want (being products, vacations, services, etc). No matter what I do though, I always try to find the bargain in it. So, with these product spotlights, I am going to break my discussion into four areas:

Quality does trump price for me, but I understand that's not the case for everyone. But, cost is an important factor when I consider any product or service. How many times have you heard “Well, you get what you paid for” in order to save a few bucks. Yeah, I've experienced that too. So, cost will be one aspect of the discussion.

Using the product is the purpose, right? Or, even a service. Explaining the use, which can be many (remember the Bobarro Laptop Bag). Showing someone other ways to use something in many ways. I realize some may just be one way – like eating eat a Kashi Cereal Bar :)

Every review is personal. Despite all that blogging hoopla, my discussion will be personal too. I'll just say it, since these will take time, I won't be sharing something I completely hate or don't use. Why would I give it attention and my energy? Honestly, I'm not one to drag a company or product down in this avenue. And, the legal ramifications of doing that…that just made my head hurt!

While I share each spotlight, I will give my honest opinion of it. If I see an area for improvement, I'll share that. These are a two-way street. If a company happens to stumble upon what I share, they can use that as information to improve their products too. {I realize I am giving away my ideas for FREE (gasp). I get that but I also get that I'm doing a service here to help others :) }

OK, the best part – how to get the product/service on the CHEAP!! Hello, even if something is not on sale, I'll order online through one of the cash back sites I use. So, in essence, I am getting something for buying it. I do this a lot! That's also how I can afford to buy the more expensive cosmetics – get it on sale, get cash back and I'm smelling PURTY :)

Back to those Kashi Cereal Bars (Kashi, why haven't you called me lately – HELLO), when coupons are out, including that as a way to get them cheap makese sense. I'm hoping if we highlight food items, the manufacturers will get a hint that we want some coupons??

There you have it, I'm labeling this with an acronym of CUPC. Pronounced as CUPS, but only you, my readers, will know what that means :)

Another aspect, which is a buzz too thanks to the FTC, is receiving a product for FREE. I plan on sharing if I received a product, in a way that is appropriate for me and my voice. I won't be sharing products like a commercial spokesperson, that's now who I am. But, if the Swivel Sweeper people need a spokesperson, I am totally game! I have several reviews I have written that I plan on re-writing to fit this format. I think it will just be more meaningful this way. Oh, and those were all that were paid by me too :)

The other aspect of this is I want your involvement! I'm only one woman here, and while I do have tons of things I can write immediately, I also have a family and this isn't a full time job (gasp, I know). So, I'd love to have your suggestions and guest CUPC, if you will.

As I mentioned in the intro, I'm thinking this will be a weekly feature and a way to get several opinions in one place. I know my readers are a mix of bloggers and NON-bloggers. I want it open to both just the same! I will be working on a form that is easy for anyone to enter the product information, as well as some general guidelines (i.e., family friendly, no profanity, etc). I'm hoping it will be an easier way of exchange and communication.

So, what do you think? Honestly, I'd love your thoughts on this. I view this feature as something we can all do together! We'll see where it goes…who knows, maybe it will even need a site of its own!

Comments, please :)

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by Savings Lifestyle: Andrea on July 15, 2009


  • Jill - July 15, 2009 @ 1:25 pm

    Love the idea of doing the reviews – especially with the budget friendly feature. Best of luck with the blog.

  • BusyMom - July 15, 2009 @ 8:03 pm

    I like the idea. I tried to do something similar with Tried it Tuesday – a review of things I was given samples of as well as those things that I had found on my own along the way. I still do the post, but have only ever had one participant. I always mention how I came upon the product, what I like about the product, as well as any concerns and if I find a link, a link to a coupon. Some of my posts have been about services – like photo studios. Looking forward to seeing your posts and finding new products that I might enjoy. (like the CVS trash bags – I keep intending to purchase them but haven’t yet.)

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