Take Military Showers to Save Money

The following Everyday Savings Tip comes from, Cyndi:

Water is a precious resource and has become expensive. It's so easy to luxuriate in the shower but that's a lot of water (and $$) going down the drain. So, try a military shower (5 minutes or less).

Turn the water on and get wet. Turn off the water while you shampoo and soap up. Turn the water back on to rinse. You'll save a ton of water.  And here's a clever little tip: put the plug in the tub so that when you turn the water off to soap up, you'll have plenty of water in the tub to help out.

Now if at this point you're saying that it'll take too long for the water to warm up if you do this, here's another tip: bring a bucket to the shower and run the water into it until it's the right temperature. Then flip the switch to start the shower. Use the collected water to water your plants or flush the toilet – more savings!

And these tips are also brilliant for living a greener life! :-) You're pocketbook will be happy and so will the earth!

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by Savings Lifestyle: Andrea on June 01, 2012

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