Losing Weight and Striving for Financial Freedom

Losing weight and getting out of debt/financial freedom are two major goals of mine this year. I made great progress personally on the weight-loss last year, 30 pounds is actually pretty major (or it's actually 60 pounds since giving birth to our youngest son 19 months ago). Our debt was reduced drastically too, something we are equally proud of. Both goals require your behaviors to change but for the better.

My professional background is in HR where we monitored performance against behaviors required to be successful in a specific position. That made me think about the behaviors necessary for both goals, and I realized there are a few that are similar for losing weight and getting out of debt. Here are several I believe are necessary for a desire to lose the fat – both the debt fat and the chubalub:

Isn't this the first step in anything? You have to acknowledge and have an awareness that there is a problem. For some, it's seeing a picture of themselves and they realize they don't even recognize that person. For debt, it's realizing you are being held to a master you don't want. Either way, admitting that a change needs to be made is a behavior necessary to start to lose – both weight and debt.

I would even go further and say a verocious focus is a necessary behavior. I've never known anyone who is successful to have focus and just be mediocre. Your focus has to make you see the sweat that drops off of your face literally equal a pound off your body. It has to mean that every penny – literally – needs to be scrutinized to the nth degree because reducing your debt will not happen otherwise.

Along with focus, a commitment to achieve is imperative to success. When you commit to something and accept nothing but success, your mindset will change. I cannot even begin to tell you how many times I have personally tried to lose weight, but it was truly committing myself to whatever necessary to lose it that made me have success as I have had.

To achieve sometimes it does take sacrifice. Personally, our family sacrificed a lot last year. There were things we chose not to do because paying off debt was more important. Granted, we included a vacation in there (so we weren't gazelle intense, Dave) BUT we knew that other areas would have to sacrifice even for that. With my weight-loss, while it may seem trivial, I said “NO” to invites to dinner because I just knew the healthy choice for eating wasn't available (and it also correlated with losing debt – nice) . I sacrificed time to do things that were more enjoyable than sweating off my booty, but I knew I had to commit to exercise to lose the weight I was focused on losing.

There were weeks I gained weight when I knew I was at my low caloric intake and exercised every single day! But, I didn't – and wouldn't – give up because I was too focused to accept it! There were also times when unbudgeted expenses came up and the sacrifices were making didn't seem like enough. Have you been there? I/our family perservered through these things because we had a commitment to achieve our goal.

Stand Firm
This could probably also be considered the “strong-willed” mindset (now I know where our 19 month old gets it)! When it comes to these two goals in my life, there is really no debate. While I do consider other approaches, changing my overall goal is pretty much not going to happen! A great song that motivates me with this is Natalie Grant's, “I will not be Moved” because it just pumps me to know that no matter what, my eye is on the prize. I will achieve these goals and nothing will move me from them!

I posted this question on twitter and got some great responses:

Stephwiestling – “They're both all about portion control.”
superA63 – “perserverance is the major characteristic”
AmysFinerThings – “self control, joy in what you have instead of seeking what you “want,” contentment, pleasure in the simple “FINER THINGS”
angelasfinds – “I'd say knowing your limits”
homemakerhero – “You won't do it if you're not completely serious about doing it. And leave out excuses to stop doing it. Find support. ;)”

by Savings Lifestyle: Andrea on January 06, 2009


  • Mrs. Bargain Hunting Wife - January 06, 2009 @ 1:02 pm

    I find competiveness helpful! I want to save more than I did last week, I want to work out a few more minutes or run faster/further than last week.

    You also need to keep the big picture in mind. Sure its easy to say “whats 5 more minutes of running?” or “whats a $3 coffee?” but in the big picture all those little things add up!!

    I love “I will not be moved” we sing it at church and it is so incrediable and powerful!

  • Amy - January 06, 2009 @ 3:07 pm

    I love this line, “I would even go further and say a verocious focus is a necessary behavior.” I totally agree and also agree that competitiveness can be a great way to change behaviors.

    I am so proud of you and can’t wait to meet you in person, Andrea!! ((hugs))

  • The Murdocks - January 07, 2009 @ 4:50 am

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  • Sandra Park - August 25, 2009 @ 11:25 pm

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