It’s our Anniversary….Anniversary!

Do you remember that Babyface song? It really is a sweet one for me because I'll never forget when hubs sang it to me.

We were just dating at the time, he was home from leave (from the Army). We were driving to his parents house in his dad's blue truck and the song came on. Paul started singing it to me. I remember it like it was yesterday.

Today is the 11-year anniversary for hubs and I. I'm so blessed to have this man in my life. More blessed than I can truly express in words.

Truth be told, we have been together for 16 years! YES, we started dating when I was just 5 :) No, I was a mere 14 years old when I started dating him. I know, I know, what were my parents thinking, right? Well, I did fib a little and say he was younger than he really was. He was in the military and they probably figured him being thousands of miles away was the kind of relationship they wanted their daughter in. No risk of promiscuity or other horrible acts!

Through our entire marriage, we have always been believers in Jesus and His truth. There were times we walked away from growing in God and focused on growing in ourselves. WRONG IDEA! But, God never left us and I'm so thankful for His mercy and grace covering our marriage throughout these years.

We have been through a LOT, more than I will probably ever share on the internet. During the move to our current home in 2005, we went through so much stress on a marriage. I kid you not, I've read those lists about the top 10 stressers you can go through and we hit the majority of them…all within a 5-month period. I mentioned them in last year's anniversary post. Through it all, we are here today, celebrating 11 years of being together, for better or worst.

I do think I have the world's best husband! He cleans, does laundry, doesn't harp on me because I don't like to do the domestic stuff, plays with his kids (he lives for his kids truth be told), encouraging to me, loves my jelly belly and loves the Lord. I think I'm probably the luckiest woman in the world!

So, babe…today, tomorrow, ALWAYS…I LOVE YOU! I thank God when I lay my head down at night that you're the man He chose for me! And, to think…. His hand had it all go down at the county fair (more on that connection another time :).

by Savings Lifestyle: Andrea on June 13, 2009

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