Indoor Fun with the Bouncy Ball Kit

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Maybe you saw my tweet the other day. Well, YES, bouncy balls are a-flyin' in the Mommy Snacks household!

Caleb's birthday party was last weekend. It's always tough to know what to get kids who have absolutely everything. But, lately he and T have been into science/hands-on projects. They received several MythBusters science kits for Christmas.

After running around doing errands with the boys (the norm, it seems) , Caleb and Andon were pleading to play with Caleb's new bouncy ball making kit. Since we couldn't play outside, I gave in. Plus, they were decent at the grocery store with me so I had a hard time saying no. I thought my encouraging the bouncy ball kit would be safer than going outside and setting off the MythBusters rocket kit. Plus, you know how I am more of a indoor spectator on outdoor activities as I shared last week :)


Several people asked where I got the bouncy ball kit. I purchased it at Target during Christmas for around $20. I'm sure they still have them, but I saw it and knew his birthday was close to Christmas so I purchased it back in December.

I was really surprised that the balls bounce – it is so neat! Andon actually did well with it too. We let him pour the compound into the ball mold too. Of course, it came out too fast and there was a mess, but that's ok. It's to be expected with kiddos, right??!!


You have to dunk the ball mold in water for a minute then remove it to dry. Andon enjoyed shaking his money maker to dry off the mold. I'm sorry, but he's just too cute (yes, I know I'm biased!).


Since I am working with Campbell's to help create 32 days of Winter Weather Fun, I am going to take some suggestions from last week's post to have some more fun with the boys. I will share our project next week. While I did try to convince the boys to make Snowmen Rice Krispie Men as Kathy suggested, they weren't having it. The allure of making a mess and bouncy balls had an intoxication not even sugar and eating a snowman could break!

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  • Carolyn - October 13, 2010 @ 5:46 am

    Looks like your boys had lots of fun with the balls. They learn by making things and seeing how they work. I always loved doing “science” things with my kids. Now my 2 year old grandson is amazed at how a magnet works! So much for them to learn.

    Keep enjoying the journey with them.

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