How to Save Hundreds by Shopping at the Drugstores

How to save Hundreds by Shopping at the Drugstores

Shopping at the drugstores can be a great source of savings. Along with that, starting out can be somewhat confusing. There are tons of resources and FAQ's available that are thorough and help you through it (many are linked below).

To jump start your learning, here are five tips to help you along in your search for saving even more at the drugstores:

Drugstore Sales and Ads

Find CVS, Rite Aid and Walgreens coupon matchups on our Sale Shopping page.

Have a List and a Plan

Drugstores are not always going to be offering a simple clip and give coupon buying opportunity. They generally are going to require a bit of forward knowledge. The best advice is to find a blog (like this one) that organizes all the information for you.

Once you have this, you can go in with a plan in place for how you are going to save. Making a list and knowing what you are after will help you to maximize your savings in the store. The next few tips will go into some details of what you might use to save cash each visit.

CVS Shopping FAQ

Learn the CVS ExtraBucks program and maximize your savings.

Take Advantage of Rewards Programs

Rewards programs are called by different names but they all are fulfilling the same function…to save you money. Whether it is CVS ExtraBucks, Walgreens Balance Rewards or Rite Aid +UP Rewards, the bottom line is to get you to buy certain products.

When you purchase specific products, you get “rewards” back in the form of coupons, points or cash. All of these programs are necessary if you are going to take advantage of the best deals, so sign up right away at the store and then register online for even more savings.

Walgreens Rewards FAQ

Learn all about Register Rewards and Balance Rewards in 5 Ways to Save at Walgreens.

Roll the Rewards

Rolling rewards means that you buy items that offer rewards with rewards you previously earned. Sometimes you can use the rewards for the same product that is giving rewards. This is not allowed at all drugstores, but it is at some. Regardless, you can use rewards on other items that offer the same and still save money. Rolling rewards can be very lucrative if you get the right deal at the right time (and in the right store).

Rite Aid Shopping FAQ

Learn the Rite Aid +UP Rewards program and awesome stacking coupon policy.

Stack Your Coupons

There are many different kinds of coupons out there. You have coupons that are from the manufacturer, catalina coupons, store loyalty rewards and coupons found in store flyers. Most of these can be used together on items to lower the cost even more.

If you have a $0.99 store coupon for mouthwash that normally retails for $3.99 and you use a $1 manufacturer coupon as well, then you can get the price down to $2. Stacking coupons is allowed in most drugstores though it would be a good idea to know their policies ahead of time.

Learn how to start couponing to save money and time!

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Be Prepared at the Register

Finally, you want to be prepared before you get to the register. Have a copy of the store’s coupon policy with you and try to go to a register that is not busy. There are certain orders that you should give the coupons to the cashier as well to keep from having to get approvals. These are different at most drugstores. Knowing ahead of time will save you tons of time and maximize your savings.

Drugstore shopping for coupons can be extremely valuable, so be sure to spend some time investing in it. Learn about the various strategies to fine tune your shopping experiences. Over time, your routines will come naturally and you can simply enjoy the process. These five tips can help you get started!

by Savings Lifestyle: Andrea on September 03, 2013

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