The *Hidden* Fall Decoration

Ornament Grass

As soon as the word “Fall” hit the calendar, it was like everyone expected the leaves to change colors and the fragrance of the season to come in full swing. But, that didn't happen.

No, on the first day of Fall here in Ohio, I think it was around 80 degrees. Not exactly what gets you in the decorating for the harvest season, huh?! Nonetheless, I got my few decorations out and was going to will the cooler temperatures and colored leaves to come our way. I like to think it helped some :)

For any season, I truly keep my decorating simple. That serves two purposes, really. It saves money since I'm not buying tons of decorations that we won't use or need. And, of course it saves time since we (mostly hubby) aren't bringing boxes of stuff from our basement to decorate for a short season too.

For my birthday, one of my besties got me a candle warmer. You know the kind, you just stick any candle inside and it melts it to create the scent rather than lighting the wick to create the aroma. I have been wanting one since last Christmas when she got my other bestie one, so I was happy!! I turn that on every morning and it really is like the hidden decoration. The aroma of pumpkin, spice and an autumn harvest fills the house. It's amazing how the scents make you want to eat too, isn't it?!

Last week I visited Walmart to do some “research” (aka, shopping). Since I've been working with Glade to help promote the Fall Fragrance line, I had a Walmart gift card to use to try the other Fall flavors. One of the fragrances, Harvest Medley, is sold exclusively at Walmart. I realized that's why I hadn't seen it in any other store!! I figured if I was there I may as well to do some sniffing :)

As my nose went to work, I immediately knew that the Cashmere Woods scent is the flavor of all that matches our home perfectly. It is warm and earthy and not too overbearing as it burns (or melts in my case). I've noticed hubs has even turned the candle warmer on before I get to it. This is truly odd since he is not really a candle guy. It's his favorite scent in the line-up as well.

There is still time to print your $1/1 Glade Fall Fragrance Collection coupon so you can grab these scents too! With the coupon, the four ounce candle jars are just $1.33! Great price for gifting others as well!! The coupon doesn't expire until the end of November, so I'm sure they will go on sale for even less!

Do you use candles and scents as a backdrop in your decorating?
What are your favorite scents for decorating in the seasons?

As mentioned above, this post is part of my role working with Glade to promote the Fall Fragrance line. My time has been compensated for this campaign. I do love Glade for many reasons, coupons being one of 'em, so the thoughts are pure ME! See my Disclaimer Policy for additional information.

by Savings Lifestyle: Andrea on November 01, 2010


  • Ginger - November 01, 2010 @ 11:03 am

    awww…Im glad you enjoy it.:)

  • Cheryl - November 01, 2010 @ 9:57 pm

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Cashmere Woods too!
    There was one I got after Christmas last yr on clearance. It was ‘green’, I loved it. I bought about 6 on clearance at Wal-mart (it had to be some even # to go with the coupons). The last candle bit the dust about 2 wks ago. Grabbed a new one from the stash this weekend & it’s not the same scent! ): It’s green, but not the same gave me a huge headache..something pine enchanting pine I think or Winter night pine. & Now of course I can’t remember the other green candle name either. LOL
    So now that I am officially out of candles I can stock up if the price is right. (I missed the Target sales)

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