Frito-Lay and LA: Day 2.0

FritoLay LA Bloggers Tour Plant
So, I didn't just go to LA to see famous people and ride mechanical bovines…no (but it was a total blast). I went to LA to hear about some cool new snacks Frito-Lay will be launching on March 1.

Anyway, we were literally working off of 3 hours of sleep since we got to bed late and I woke up early for a run. We hopped on a bus and on our way to Rancho Cucamonga (not to be confused with La Cucaracha) to visit the Frito-Lay Plant!

I was soooo amazed at this plant. I have experience in paper/print manufacturing so seeing the manufacturing process in a food operation was really interesting; not to mention it was for snacks that I actually eat all the time! The Rancho Cucamonga Plant is the world's largest Cheetos producer – how cool is that! And, as a former HR Professional I was extremely impressed that they were the first and largest plant in Frito-Lay to decertify their union, that is an amazing accomplishment (and that says a LOT about their leadership team)!

The plant was so clean and smelled soooo good! We got to try some snacks hot off the line and they were amazing!!! I joked that maybe we could stick them in the microwave and get the same affect. Um, I wouldn't try that cause I don't think it will work (actually, they told us it wouldn't).

Another interesting part of the day was getting the history of the new ad campaign “Only In a Woman's World.” The campaign portrays “fab, funny, fearless females” who are all struggling with everyday life stuff – can ya relate??!! I'll introduce the characters to you soon since I did get my picture with them and all :-)

As Frito-Lay really began to understand how a woman snacks, they created the newest line of healthy snacking options that women can feel good about called SmartFood. This line of products were created to have as an everyday treat with health built in – I love it!! My favorite flavor in these popcorn clusters are the Chocolate Cookie Caramel Pecan. They come in *purse* packs (or as I called them diaper bag packs) because they are convenient to carry around on the go! Not only do they taste great, but they have 5 grams of fiber (and 120 calories) in each serving. Ya'll know how fiber helps with my weight loss!!!

And, the Baked! line will have a new sleek look. There was so much behind the design change that was shared, so just know that when you go pick up a bag next time in the grocery, you'll see a distinct change in the packaging! I think it's sleek and sophisticated looking myself. The other exciting thing changing in the Baked! Lays line is the flavor inclusions – these are the actual seasonings or flavor of the chips baked into the chips. The newest flavor, Southwestern Ranch, tasted amazing – it's like a combination of Chips and Salsa in one. These inclusions gave the chips a interesting flavor component but didn't skimp on the crunch – a girl's gotta have the crunch (especially when losing weight, I say)!

The other addition in this portfolio of products is the 100 calorie snacks! The first snack in this line will be the Fritos corn chips. They don't take out any of the fat, they are just packaging these snacks into a 100 calorie bag for better portion control. And, Flat Earth is still around and I am loving the Spicy Salsa flavor! These have such a strong flavor with a hearty crunch that you are truly satisfied eating them (and guilt-free since there is 1/2 serving of veggies baked in too!!).

All in all, I think it is totally cool that Frito-Lay is committed to a woman's snacking needs! This entire “Only In a Woman's World” experience just reinforced my love for Frito-Lay products! As I've said time and time again, when it comes to healthy eating for my weight loss, I am willing to splurge and purchase these Frito-Lay products because I can save in so many other areas of my grocery spending. However, I know not many either can or will. So, I brought up the thought of offering more coupons for these products. I look forward to working with the Frito-Lay team regarding how these can be more affordable so we have less guilt from our wastlines and our wallets!

* I will be sharing the actual premiere photos and experience in the next snack, along with a sneak peek of the “Only In a Woman's World” Premiere!!! So much information to share with you!! Stay tuned :-)

Skimbabco, A Cowboys Wife, From Dates to Diapers rockin' the hair nets
My Son's favorite Snack - Flamin' Hot Cheetos
Mommy Snacks likes hot Cheetos
FritoLay Bloggers go Hollywood
On our way back to the Hotel, our driver was nice enough to stop so we could get our Hollywood Sign photo!!

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by Savings Lifestyle: Andrea on February 28, 2009


  • justusseven - February 28, 2009 @ 10:31 pm

    Love the hairnet look =) I can’t wait to try these new snacks!

  • Sally - March 01, 2009 @ 1:06 am

    I’m so glad you had such a good time in the plant. I worked at the sister plant for Rancho Cuc several years ago (met my hubby there!). Frito Lay is a GREAT company, and most of their plants are non-union — it DOES say a lot about the leadership.

    Have you ever watched Unwrapped on Food Network?? you can see all kinds of food plants on there (several plants I’ve worked in have been featured on shows, it’s so fun to see it on TV!)

  • Lori - March 01, 2009 @ 9:36 pm

    I thought that one picture was of ground hamburger and keept thinking what does that have to do with snacks! Then I realized they were Cheetos. I know I need glasses!

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