Frito-Lay and LA: Day 1

Note to Son on Lunch Bag
To say I had fun doesn't even describe my experience this week! Being a part of the “Only In a Woman's World” premiere, and receiving valuable information from the amazing Frito-Lay team is definitely a memory I will never forget!

Since there is so much information, I will just walk you through each day in a separate snack.

Upon arriving into LAX, I saw Florence from “The Jeffersons.” She had a personal airline escort to guide her in a place that was off to the side of the flow of baggage claim traffic. There were so many paparazzi at the airport just walking around like little gnats! Those celebs get no privacy because they will like literally stalk them!

I rode to the hotel with Lori, A Cowboys Wife, and Ashley. We got to our hotel, received our Frito-Lay itinerary and read all of the amazing fun that was in store for us! We had lunch at the famous Saddle Ranch Chop House (conveniently located across from our hotel) where Kelly, Daily Stab, met up with us. Let me just say, I spotted the mechanical bull and knew we would make it back so I could ride it! It was on like donkey kong!

We hung out at the hotel briefly and met up with Katja, Skimbaco Lifestyle, and Christine, From Dates to Diapers, before we got ready for dinner at The Spanish Kitchen! We dined with several more bloggers: Peach Head, Mint Cool, Alli of Allie Is Wired, Elise. It was yummy and the conversation was amazing!

We departed there and guess where we headed back to? The Saddle Ranch! I had a score to settle with that mechanical bull (not really..but, it sounded all Western). It was so much fun! I didn't fall off at all! And, I can clearly ride a bull (Lori even called me “Urban Cowboy's New Sissy”). There *might* also be video of this experience so I'm sure the PRCA will be calling as soon as it's leaked to the press :-)

Our evening ended verrry late! We were just up giggling and chatting it up in our room! So much fun and a great way to end an evening with some amazing ladies!!

There is a story behind that lunch bag picture. I always ask my son if he tells his friends or teachers about Mommy Snacks. He just replies “No mom! They don't want stuff about coupons!” So, I asked him if he was going to tell his friends I was going to LA to get to do “Hollywood” stuff and visit an actual Frito-Lay plant. He was all like, “Mom, why do they care about that, it's not like it's that big of a deal.” {Obviously, my son doesn't know that I'm kind of a big deal}. So, I wrote that on his lunch bag before I left! That'll teach him to keep his awesome mother's adventures to himself!!

A Cowboys Wife, Mommy Snacks, Daily Stab

Mommy Snacks goin' Cowgirl at the Saddle Ranch
I'll be sharing Tuesday's information and fun with some sweet pictures in separate snacks so stay tuned!!

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by Savings Lifestyle: Andrea on February 27, 2009


  • Kelly - February 27, 2009 @ 10:32 pm

    Sounds like you had a blast!

    I can’t wait to hear more about your amazing adventure ;)

    HAHA! ;)

  • jenny from mommin' it up! - February 27, 2009 @ 11:27 pm

    you look HAWT on that bull! Can’t wait to hear the play-by-play tomorrow!!

  • Amy - February 28, 2009 @ 8:44 pm

    Sounds like so much fun and loving what you wrote on your son’s lunch bag. They just don’t get what a big deal we are, do they? :)

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