Fat Burnin’ Friday: My Week


Well, for the past two weeks I have made a concerted effort to burn some fat. Marianne can attest to it too since she's been working out in the Cardio Kick Boot Camp class (my arms still burn from this week).

I didn't post last week because I didn't really have much to say. I actually didn't even weigh myself until Friday morning. I felt like if I weighed myself too soon I would be discouraged. I'm glad I didn't since I didn't lose any weight (not that I expected to immediately, but one can hope ;).

So, this week I really expected to see some results. Maybe at least a pound?? Well, I am here to say that I didn't lose one stinking pound :( I didn't get to the gym all five days as I had hoped to though. Caleb was sick on Wednesday and that's my normal spin day. I had a doctor's appointment yesterday so I missed the Cardio class. But, by the time you read this I should be on my way to spinning (barring no sick children and all).

Even though I didn't lose any weight, I am still positive. I am sore, and it's that good kinda *my muscles are shocked* kinda sore. I love this feeling, it means I am working (and that the instructors are TOTALLY kicking my butt!!).

How about you?

Fat Burnin' Pounds Lost since Jan 1-08: 20
Fat Burnin' Pounds to go: 20


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by Savings Lifestyle: Andrea on October 30, 2009


  • Jenni - October 30, 2009 @ 11:04 am

    Good for you for making the gym a priority! I had about 3 weeks of maintaining in a row, and finally this week the scale moved down a little. I’m sure you already know this, but I always remind myself that muscle weighs more than fat when I’ve been working hard and the scale doesn’t reflect my efforts.

    I linked up on my blog today, explaining a bit about what I’m learning in this weight loss process.

    Keep up the good work!

  • Marianne - October 30, 2009 @ 9:52 pm

    You’re doing the right things, girlie. And it does feel good to get that muscle burn going on!

    If you think you’re gaining muscle mass (and therefore not seeing the scale move), it may be a good idea to take your measurements with a measuring tape and track those, too. You might not lose pounds, per se, but you may well lose inches.

    I’ll look for ya Tues!

  • Angela - October 30, 2009 @ 11:06 pm

    I had a really encouraging week. I really need to get back into an exercise mode though. I’ve still got a ways to go.


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