Fat Burnin’ Friday: Just one of those weeks….


So, this will be the ultimate confession: I ate chocolate and I didn't run…and I didn't gain any weight (or lose it either).

Well, I did actually run, but I didn't follow my training plan. I ended up doing an 8-mile run on Sunday (that I was supposed to do Saturday but couldn't get my badunkadunk moving!). So, I went on Sunday – my friend, Rachel does her long runs on Sunday and talking to her at church got me all motivated to go (she's doing a big race too :-).

I was stressed about the new route I ran, I hit a state route. Don't worry, it was much safer than some of the side roads I ran on (crazy drivers, I almost spit on their car…almost :-). But, when I was finished I was so proud of my accomplishment – so completely amazed at what God gave my body the strength to do (and if you follow me on twitter, you saw me say that!). That's probably when my craving for chocolate got really bad too!

So, I got out on Tuesday and did a 5-miler. It was really challenging for me. And, tonight (Thursday) as I write this, I never got out to run. So, that means, I should go out today (Friday) but my knee is really starting to hurt…wah! In all honesty, I'm taking a few days off because I feel worn down. And, I hope that makes my cravings for chocolate go away too…that probably has more to do with my DNA than my running though!!

So, how did you do this week? Did you get in all your fitness routines as planned? Any major cravings you were struggling with? Do tell…and tell your results too!!

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by Savings Lifestyle: Andrea on March 27, 2009


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