Fat Burnin’ Friday: A Letter to My Body

Dear Body,

I feel like we're having a bit of a miscommunication. Um, I have worked my badunkadunk off this week (and last)…literally. I am off to the gym this morning to log my 12th mile this week hoping to get another 6 in tomorrow. I need you to understand that I need food and I have been eating a lot of food lately to keep up with this training regimen. Now, granted, I did manage to down an entire box of Hostess Cupcakes this week by myself (the ding dongs were a little jealous). And, I even scoffed at my children (that you birthed by the way) when they requested one…the nerve of those little monster children (again that stretched you and came from your loins :-).

So, with all of this discussion, I promise to do better next week with no cupcakes and cookies (those Girl Scouts see you and think you want cookies…not sure why). But, more than anything, I promise to run faster, harder, and take off these pesky three pounds that decided they wanted to visit you. I bet they'll be moving out next week because of my good behavior :-). Just promise to talk to me more about how you're feeling. I'm really trying to tune in to listen to you when I should step away from the creamy filled chocolatey goodies!!

Keep in touch (and I'm sure you will :-),
“Grey” and Blind No More Friend

How did you do this week? Hopefully much better than me! Do you need to write a letter to your body too? Or, maybe that's just me talking to myself with determination!!! I can't wait to see how your week was!

Fat Burnin' Pounds Lost since Jan 1-08: 32
Fat Burnin' Pounds to go: 8

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by Savings Lifestyle: Andrea on March 13, 2009

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  • Lori - March 13, 2009 @ 7:17 pm

    Andrea, that was funny but serious. Good luck with your goal.

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