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What do you get when you add marshmallows, chocolate and graham crackers? Well, of course you know what these amazing ingredients will make…S'mores!!!

Last weekend we visited a local corn maze with friends and all of our families to celebrate. At this farm, there were private party areas set up with a campfire. We enjoyed some food before we ventured into the never-ending corn maze. It was mid-day and the perfect Fall weather. These are truly the perfect ingredients to enjoy a campfire and friends!

Corn Maze Pic

The boys playing in the creek. What's a creek without water and mud, huh? They loved getting messy!

Any fire necessitates foods that, well, requires setting on fire! We enjoyed barbecue, juicy hot dogs (with mustard), yummy and messy S'mores and some salty chips – the saltier the better! So much yummy food and messy hands!!

But, the S'mores, let me tell you they were yummy! Do you know how hard it is to eat a S'more without getting your hands completely sticky messy? Near impossible! Do you know how hard it is to keep your kids' hands from getting completely sticky messy? Completely impossible! Their hands, mouths and somehow their heads were all sticky from the gooey goodness of the roasted marshmallow and melted chocolate!

When you have any of these messy items, especially barbecue, you need something to clean up the hands and face (and apparently with children around, their sticky heads). While I firmly believe in the normal motherly cleaning, a little lick to the thumb and cleaning to the face, my friends don't necessarily liked to be groomed like a mother cat grooms her kittens. Their children, on the other hand, don't know the difference :)

Despite the protest of the adults not wanting to get a spit bath, I decided to use a wet paper towel to clean up our mess. Any outdoor grilling experience necessitates a paper towel that is strong enough to scrub off the char of black railroad ties! It also seems when a melted marshmallow hits the face or hands, it becomes part of your anatomy! So, a paper towel that won't shred at the first swipe is important to ensure you get all excess S'more remnants off.

But, if a paper towel isn't available, you could always try to clean up faces as I suggested before. Just make sure you are really good friends with the people you are trying to clean in this way, otherwise, it could just be awkward and gross :)

Oh, and definitely don't wipe your hands on your clothes! Especially if you may have forced lovingly suggested that your spouse wear matching shirts. That would completely ruin the look!

Paul and My Shirts

His shirt says *My Wife Rocks* on the back (and front). My shirt says *My Husband Rocks*. Yes, we rocked them out!

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