Double Digits Make Me Sad :(

Friday our baby boy – the little precious monster that made me a mother – turned 10! Or, as T refers to it, he's “double digits.”

I am speechless!

How did this kid get so big?!?!! I know it sounds so cliche, but he has grown up so fast! Where has the time gone? When did he get hair on his legs? When did he start to need deodorant? Why does he want privacy nowadays? And, when did I stop being cool – HELLO!

All of the things this momma is thinking about now as I've already had one decade with him!

We had a very special moment that I just have to share on his birthday. T still likes me to clip his fingernails, and toenails. His feet are getting kinda nasty though so I'm not sure how much longer the toes will get the clippin' from me. But, as I was finished with his nails, we started to have a sweet conversation. There was no one else around for people to make fun that he still loves on his momma. I suppose if his friends ever read this, they will hear about it :)

This conversation happened around 4:20p and went like this:

Me: T, you know it was this time 10 years ago that momma was pushing you out of her.

T: Really, how do you know?

Me: Well, you were born at 5:01 pm and it took me exactly an hour to get that big head out. And, since it's 4:20, I had been pushing for 20 minutes!

T: Hmmm {enthusiastically, of course}

Me: And, then when you were born, I only got to see you for a quick second. You had the umbilical cord wrapped around your neck three times and you weren't breathing.

T: Really {can you tell he's full of words}

Me: Yes! They took you straight to the table and started rubbing you to get you to cry and breathe.

T: Woah!

Me: Yeah, Mommy or Daddy didn't get to hold you until late that night since you had to have oxygen.

I went on to tell him that a few days before he was born, he stopped moving. We had a stress test and ultrasound to see if things were ok. Turns out, I had been leaking amniotic fluid so my fluid was low (I knew I wasn't peeing my pants!!). We were induced that day. I fear that if we had gone any longer, he wouldn't be here today.

During this conversation, T was sitting on my lap. He let me cuddle him and kiss on his forehead just like when he was a baby.

I don't know much longer I'll get to do that! It makes this momma sad!

T Turns 10

by Savings Lifestyle: Andrea on August 02, 2009


  • Kristin - August 02, 2009 @ 8:00 pm

    Well, if the feet are gettin’ nasty you can just have mother and son pedicures and let someone else do the clippin’. Just don’t let his friends find out about that…perfect bonding time, and I’m sure he’d secretly love it!

  • mercedes - August 02, 2009 @ 8:33 pm

    Oh, I do but don’t look forward to my kids getting bigger. Funny he’s excited about double digits, too bad that’s all he will get from now on, lol


  • Anne - August 08, 2009 @ 3:16 pm

    When my middle child turned 10 she started calling herself the “double digit midget”. She is still a bit short. It was quite amusing. She too had the umbilical cord wrapped around her neck, but my doctor had me stop pushing to unwrap it. My mom held her breath the entire time.

    I do know the sadness that comes when our “babies” grow up. My oldest turned 18 on 8/2 and starts college at the end of the month. I feel your pain. :)

  • Mamma Swift - August 13, 2009 @ 9:36 am

    I, too, remember the day you were born. Your dad was gone trucking and I had to get him through dispatch. No cell phones in those days. It was a quick and easy labor even though you weighed 9lbs, 15ozs. My doctor was with me throughout the time when I came to the hospital because he knew you were going to be big. You came out screaming and fighting, kind of like you are today at times. Then at ten, you already seemed like a grown-up, but you still liked to sit on my lap and get hugs and kisses. Guess what? That is a thing of the past. No more hugs and kisses for the big grown up woman. You will have that to look forward from Thryceton too. Love you

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