Diet & Fitness: Tips that Work for Me

Woo Hoo! Down 1 pound this week. I'm losing like a turtle's walking, but I know I'm doing it the right way! Now, only (insert cough and mumbling sounds) 27 more pounds to go to lose the baby weight (from my 8-year old son). I know I've told people that before, but it's true!! Since I know some of the people who read here are working on their own diet and fitness goals, I decided to share some snacks on what's worked for me!

  • Join a Diet Community: I'm an active member of Sparkpeople. I've talked about this before here and can't give them enough props for what they offer for FREE! I use the site daily to log my exercise and food intake. It really helps me see what I need to change up my things to get better results.

  • Educate Yourself: I'm also a diet and fitness reading junkie. I've read so many ways to try to lose weight, the books/magazines themselves weigh about as much as I need to lose still!

    One of the books that was really interesting about the science of losing weight was Bob Greene's “Keep the Connection” which is his follow up book to “Make the Connection.” Obviously, he's well known, after all he's Oprah's diet guy. In this specific book, he has lots of good tips that I've applied with success.

  • Application: One tip I've applied to my exercise time that has proven to be effective for me (please consult with your doc before you apply any of these…sorry – had to do it) is walking/running on my treadmill with an incline. After Andon was born, I was walking, running, using my elliptical machine, and no weight came off. Now, I know you need to give your body time to heal, but this had been 3 months and no results.Well, on an episode of “Oprah”, Bob (I think) spoke about the effectiveness of adding an incline in your exercise routine. He explained the science of why it worked – it keeps your heart rate in the 70-80% range while using a decent rpm (speed) and it's less impact on your joints too. To find out where your heart rate should fall, click here.

    So, I started walking in our neighborhood (we have lots of hills) and it worked! The weight started coming off – finally! Well, since I've recently got back into my exercise routine seriously, I'm at a place where I'm listening more closely to my body, really watching my form while I'm running, and have added an incline of 10 (max on my treadmill – not by choice either, the kids did something and now it's stuck there). All tips I read about from that one book!

  • Experiment: I liked what Bob shared, so I did my own personal experiment. I walked for 30 minutes with a rpm (speed) of 3.5 with the incline of 10 (the 30 minutes included a warm up and cool down period) and tracked my calories burned that day on Sparkpeople.

    The next day, I did running intervals of 3-minutes, rest for two with the rpm while running of 4.2 and resting of 2.5 and my incline of 10. I tracked my calories from that day on Sparkpeople too (and made comments, that's another good feature). My results: Walking at a higher rpm with the incline of 10 burned more calories than my running intervals.

    So, in this experiment, it worked for me for calories burned. I won't always just walk because I like to challenge myself with High Intensity Interval Training to increase my endurance for running (and hopefully running a 5k).

  • So, there it is! If you're in an exercise program – GREAT! Please share any effective tips with me that have worked for you! If not, join the challenge with me (Dawn….is that holding you accountable??), than maybe this will encourage you to get that booty moving! Once I weigh in next Wednesday, I'll hopefully have some more snacks that I've recalled that has worked for me!

    by Savings Lifestyle: Andrea on March 03, 2008

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