Diet & Fitness Snack: Sparkpeople

One of my personal goals for the year, is to be a healthier me! One way I am working on accomplishing that is by using Sparkpeople. Sparkpeople is a diet and weight loss website that operates much like weight watchers or ediets online – you enter your daily foods and the site counts calories, fat, carbohydrates, etc….and the best part is that the site is FREE.

I found Sparkpeople a few years ago and I forget how I heard about them. The point is that I was interested because it was FREE, but the website has given me so much information that it's priceless! I was able to lose weight just by following their diet philosophy- eat right and exercise. There is no magic bullet to losing weight and they don't try to make up some fancy system to do the simple math: what ges IN will stay ON unless you move to take it OFF!

I think the reason their philosophy works is that they give it to you in little chunks: Diet Stages. In each Diet Stage, you start learning how to track foods, than learning how to have healthier habits in your life forever, than learning how to maintain. Since I'm highly analytical, I love seeing the food reports! If I noticed I haven't had a loss in a particular week, I can see that I may have been within my calorie ranges, but my foods were higher in fat or carbohydrates (or whatever it may be for you) and know that I have to alter something in order to get the result I want. They help make it easy to alter food intake because they have an AWESOME recipe library that gives you your nutritional breakdown and you can insert right into your daily food log.

Did you know in order to make a habit stick, you need to do that habit 21 days consecutively? I've found this to be true for me personally with my work outs and healthy eating – after 2 weeks even I feel sick if I haven't worked out or eaten right that day. It's funny how our bodies speak to us and we sometimes fail to listen.

I still have a long way to go before I'm at my goal (thanks to Andon's birth – praise God for him!). I'm doing it the right way that will hopefully last a lifetime, thanks to Sparkpeople!

by Savings Lifestyle: Andrea on February 13, 2008

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