Diet & Fitness Snack: Fat Burnin’ Friday

Marcy skyped me early this week and wanted to know what I ate in the very beginning of my weight loss routine last year to give me results. So, I told her I would just share it with all of you and maybe it would help someone else!

You all know how I harp encourage moderation. Honestly, I feel like it's the best way to still have a little of what you want and not feel guilty or go overboard. But, in the beginning it was NOT like that! I was very strict with my 1200-1500 calories per day and I denied myself the smell of certain foods. I knew if I tasted them, they would be a trigger for me to have not one, two, but like ten!!! So, yeah, I HAD to practice complete avoidance until around a month into it when my habits were established (my opinion is to give yourself at least a month for that to work).

I've shared how I love, love, love Sparkpeople! Well, one of the things I love about the site is the food tracker. So, even though I did remember the general items I ate, I actually can go back and look up all the foods I entered in my food log to see what I was eating to know what worked for me (Yes, it's all FREE too)! I highly recommend tracking this yourself so you can see what is working. Some people think low calories works best for them yet they don't lose. When, I've found my body needs more calories but but in certain types of calories (like more carb calories and less protein calories). So, looking at your food as a statistic with nutritional information shows you what is best.

Since I did meal plan our dinners last year, you can check previous meal plans to see what I ate for dinner. And, since I track my savings, you know that all of this can be done on the cheap too – that's the best part, right!!! Here are a few food items that worked for me:


Coffee with Skim Milk and Godiva Hot Cocoa (as a sweetener)
Thomas Hearthy Grain Whole Wheat Bagels (100 calorie sizes)
Thomas Hearthy Grain Whole Wheat English Muffins
Aunt Millie's Healthy Goodness Bread/Toast (60 calories + fiber = perfect)
Low Fat Cream Cheese instead of butter (it tastes good on toast too)
Kashi Go Lean Crunch Cereal or Bars
Kellogg's Special K Cereal or Bars
Canadian Bacon or Egg Whites (for the mornings I felt like making something)


Weight Watchers or Lean Cuisine Meals (pre-packaging helped a lot)
Hormel All Natural Ham (no preservatives and only around 30 calories/slice)
Ruffles Fat Free Chips
Baked Lays
Pringles Fat Free
Homemade Chicken Salad (w/ FF Mayo and almonds for a crunch)
Wasa Crackers (high on fiber and give me a crunch) ate these instead of bread
Low Fat Cottage Cheese
Low Fat Yogurt
Cheese (usually 2%)

*I included calcium items because I read somewhere that calcium can boost metabolism. I think it helped plus the cheese made me feel full too.


Fat Free/Low Fat Pudding (mix it with whip cream, yummy!)
Smoothies (made with skim milk, frozen fruit and sugar-free jello mix)
Low Fat Popcorn
Fruit (a lot of it)
Dove Dark Chocolate (just one would do me)
Weight Watchers desserts
Low Fat Cookies (Chips Ahoy = Heaven!)

And, you'll notice that I didn't eat a lot of Fat Free stuff. I think having lower fat versions tasted better and I think many times the Fat Free versions aren't necessarily healthier. But, everyone is different so you just have to figure out what works best for you.

I hope that was helpful! Do you have any other questions for me on these Fat Burnin' Friday topics? I'd be happy to elaborate in a future snack to help you as you're dealing with these chubbylicious pounds too!!

I didn't lose any weight this week! Honestly, I was surprised I didn't gain given Blissdom last weekend and no exercise at all this week!! We are going to join the gym next week so I'll definitely be there (since I gotta get my money's worth and all). And, I'm also wanting to do a race in May so I need to train NOW (or actually last month but I'll see what I can do for now).

How did you do this week? Since this is on food, maybe you could share one of your favorite lower-fat/healthy meal or snack options this week. We could have a few more ideas to test out to help with losing these chubbylicious pounds.

*FYI – if you are new this week, I have been sharing my results and tips that have worked for me over the past year. You can click on the Fat Burnin' Friday label and read each snack through the last year as I have managed to lose! It's not easy, but it is possible and completely worth it!!!

Fat Burnin' Pounds Lost since Jan 1-08: 35
Fat Burnin' Pounds to go: 5

Time for you to share your Fat Burnin' tip and results. Feel free to grab the logo above by right clicking and saving to your computer. Please leave a link that goes directly to your post. Links that go to your homepage may be deleted. You can leave a comment too if you don't have a blog!

by Savings Lifestyle: Andrea on February 13, 2009


  • Erin - February 13, 2009 @ 3:03 pm

    I agree with alot of what you have said. I started losing October 23, 2006 and have to date lost 70lbs. I did the strict 1200-1500 calories a day for 6 months then started incorporating other foods. I have also cut out all diet drinks, they just make me crave bad stuff. I eat fruit alot and I love the Weight Watchers Bistro Meals as far as the prepackaging concept goes, also the deserts and ice creams are so great. Plus you have to move your body, my body now craves exercise and I just feel bad if I don't do it for a few days. The only real tip I can offer and it works for me is that if I am craving bad like mac and cheese or pizza I will go and get the Weight Watchers version(mac&cheese) or the South Beach Diet version (pizza). Just my 2 cents for what it is worth!!!

  • frugalisfab - February 13, 2009 @ 4:24 pm

    I lost 2 pounds this week! Thanks so much for letting me know about SparkPeople, it has been really helpful. For breakfast I usually eat regular old fashioned oat meal. For lunch I have a sandwich with low fat chips or a smoothie. For snacks I am eating pretzels or nuts. My weakness is dessert, so what is helping me the most is only having low fat ice cream. I don’t love ice cream, so I can easily limit myself, but not feel deprived. Where as, if I start eating cookies, I want to eat 15. And I think it will ALWAYS be like that, so I just need to avoid them.

  • Katie - February 13, 2009 @ 5:17 pm

    This week I’ve been cutting back on my snacks! When I first get snacky (mid morning), I’ll sip a mug of green tea and then if I’m still hungry, I’ll eat something. And I’ve been focusing on eating 5 servings of frut and veggies per day. That means most of my snacks/meals are loaded with fruits/veggies. Making them way healthier!

    Question: CouponClippers and Taylor Town Preview don’t have coupon insert previews up yet, are there no coupon inserts this weekend?

  • Amy in Ohio - February 13, 2009 @ 8:41 pm

    You inspire me to get back to it already!

  • Monica - February 14, 2009 @ 1:03 am

    Thanks for sharing the list of foods. I love the idea of godiva hot choc. for coffee! I also will check out the crackers you suggested! Would love to hear more about foods that you have added and cut out in order to drop weight.
    I joined the local YMCA this week. I haven’t been brave enough to blog about it yet though:)
    How did you come to the calorie count that you mentioned?

  • Andrea @ Mommy - February 17, 2009 @ 6:07 pm

    Erin -great tips! And, amazing success. Woot Woot to you!!!

    Frugalisfab – AWESOME!!!! I think we’re friends on Sparkpeople now, right?? Great job. That’s the first two pounds to your goal and it will be worth it!

    Katie – great tip too! And, I’m sure you already saw the lack of coupons this weekend (just now catching up on comments).

    Amy – well, if I can provide some inspiration with this just think what jumping up and down in your mirror naked would do!!! :-)

    Monica – I just joined our Y too! I came up with that calorie # thanks to Sparkpeople. When you join, you’ll enter your weight goals and they tell you how many calories you should eat each day to achieve the weight loss by the date you set (it has to be healthy or they won’t allow it – and you wouldn’t want it anyway).

    The foods I cut out completely in the beginning were my tigger foods – which is anything cakey and creamy basically! I did try to stick to more lean proteins, veggies and low-fat desserts/snacks. I’ve added other higher fattening foods back in but not until I got past the point where it was a habit to eat healthier.


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